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There is a reason why Thailand is so popular with travelers from all over the world, in addition to its white sandy beaches, crystal blue waters, and stunning hostels, the country also offers the opportunity to experience different experiences on a low Cost… For many travelers, Thailand is like a rite of passage and in many cases the first stop on any adventure in Southeast Asia. It does not matter what time of year you come to visit or how many times you have been. Thailand is always a good destination!...

Go to Chiang Mai and enjoy taking care of the elephants
A place where you can live an unforgettable and above all respectful experience with these creatures is the Elephant Rescue Park in Chiang Mai, where they are in charge of rescuing and removing abused Dumbos. As is evident, here it is totally forbidden to ride the elephants, but you can feed them, bathe them and even take a walk next to your new long-eared friends.

Relax on Koh Nang Yuan Island
Koh Nang Yuan is the answer to all your tropical dreams, with jungle everywhere and strips of white sand included! Its two mini mountainous islands are connected by the stunning beach of Nangyuan Island, accessible only by private boat from Koh Tao. The viewpoint of the island is an essential destination from which you will have the best views of these fairytale islands and their irresistible turquoise waters.

Enjoy to the fullest with the Koh Phangan Slip n Fly
Then you have to try Slip n Fly, one of the best things to do in Thailand without a doubt! Imagine a huge water park with a ramp for bodyboarding, a pool, tables where you can play beer pong and the main attraction: its huge slide of more than 9 meters high that will launch you into the air as if you were an eagle without feathers for later plummeting into the wáter.

Hop on a balloon and enjoy the sunset over Chiang Mai
But watching the sunset as you soar through the Chiang Mai sky in a hot air balloon is a total and absolute blast. Chiang Mai is wonderful from any angle, but floating above the mountainous city as the sun begins to bathe the impressive temples below is quite a poetic experience. You can choose to ride a balloon by yourself or in a group, but in any case you can be warm to the engine fire while enjoying the calm glow of dawn.

Discover the Secret Mountain of Koh Phangan
Life is more fun when you stray from the main path, and a perfect proof of this is the Secret Mountain of Koh Pagnan. To discover this hidden gem you will have to climb the steep and windy streets on the side of this mountain (so better leave your scooter at home!). When you reach the top you will find an incredible pool and a super cool bar-restaurant. Ah! And also incredible views of the lush forests of Koh Pangan that you can see stretching before you for several kilometers.


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