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Puerto Vallarta is considered the destination of most Mexican beach not only because it has a "typical village" with unique architecture, but also because it offers the full range of attractions that have brought fame to our country worldwide.
Full of colorful flowers, cobblestone streets, very

backpacking in Puerto Vallarta

Feel the warmth of a quaint and full of history, but with a modern, vibrant, exotic. Discover a destination for relaxing beaches, world-class restaurants, and the latest in eco-tourism and extreme adventures, all within a internationally recognized framework for its charm and kindness, in an environment of mountains, rivers, beaches and emerald green waves Pacific Ocean. Stroll along the Malecon remodeled, aside from the historical center and the sea, where you can enjoy the many cafes and nightclubs and sculptures exhibited outdoors, Admire the spectacular sunsets! Spend the day at the Playa Los Muertos and meet your new dock. Find a favorite restaurant in the Zona Romantica. Cross a suspension bridge to reach the Isla Rio Cuale and buy something in one of the many stalls that are there.

Add to Matamoros Lighthouse for a spectacular view of the 7th largest bay in the world. Discover one of the most outstanding in Latin America for its biodiversity. Explore the beautiful tropical foliage covers the mountains and is home to hundreds of species of birds, orchids, and abundant wildlife such as ocelots, badger, jaguar, and iguana. Set sail on a sailboat on a tour to see how humpback whales leap from the water, notice how the dolphins frolic, or traveling coast to fish marlin, snapper, sailfish, tuna and
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