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The land on which the town sits belonged to Jilotlán. In 1737 a few Aborigines living in the village of Tecalitlán, which then stood at the eastern hill of La Cruz, where today a dam is located. In that year some families took up residence Spanish and indigenous land rented them in 1774 were denounced as unappropriated.

The current Tecalitlán was founded by the commander and captain Miguel Ponce de León, mayor of Colima, on December 6, 1776. He put


l Lake Lake Chapala is Mexico's largest freshwater . It is an hour drive from Guadalajara, on the border between Jalisco and Michoacan. The area offers a tranquil retreat bustle of the capital . The lake is surrounded by mountains and the region is full of local charm.

 A considerable number of foreigners living in Chapala and in the nearby town of Ajijic. Bird watchers and nature lovers will love . Many migratory species such as the white pelican, winter in Lake Chapala. You will also find a fascinating native plants and marine life. There are two islands that you can visit : Scorpion Island and


In Tequila feel the warmth , the friendliness , open and direct their inhabitants. It is a small town that can be toured on foot and then visit factories like Sauza or the Brotherhood . That the process of making the drink is known , and after a walk through the fields of agave is a final reward : the tasting. Another essential stop is the third most popular brand , the Crow , with its Hacienda La Rojeña and its famous restaurant La Fonda Cholula . In addition to participating in any activity or entertainment that the José
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