Tuesday, May 13, 2014


Origins of the name   One interpretation considers Cholula means "place of those who fled " possibly referring to the Tolteca -Chichimeca migration up Cholula circa 1000 AD. Another name as known to the site in Nahuatl is " Tlachihualtepetl " which means "Hill handmade" , given its size and construction system from large centers of adobe, and surely the
deterioration suffered neglect with great plinth and appearance of pyramidal hill.

  importance The archaeological site of Cholula is very important due to the dimensions of his Great Pyramid Basement which archaeologists would measure from 430 to 460 meters per side on square base and about 66 feet high, the building system primarily from large cores adobe, the system of archaeological exploration used for excavation 80 years ago , the fact that you can visit via this tunnel system scan an enabled for your visit (280 meters) from just over 5000 meters part that compose to the continuum of housing far from the Preclassic to the present day , by the unique presence of the Sanctuary of the Virgin of Los Remedios at the height of the Great Pyramid of Cholula and the religious syncretism that this property represents the religious significance of Cholula from pre-Hispanic times to the present day .

  Site Description Cholula Archaeological Zone has three areas open for public visit, first the Site Museum Cholula Archaeological Zone with three permanent exhibition halls ; secondly the inside of the tunnel inside the Great Pyramid consisting of approximately 280 meters long in the same plane , without artificially risks that the visitor can wander lit, and finally the so-called open area of ​​the archaeological site Cholula consisting of ceremonial courtyards south and west of the Great Pyramid of Cholula.  

access You can reach the archaeological site of Cholula by multiple paths , the first one based on the Mexico Puebla highway, taking the so-called Peripheral City Puebla and out at Av Founders connecting the city of Puebla in Cholula or leaving the Straight Cholula which also connects with the City of Puebla Cholula. Or starting from the city of Puebla by the two roads mentioned above. Or from the Mexico Puebla highway out in the Booth Collection San Martin Texmelucan via Huexotzingo later reach Cholula. Or from the Mexico Puebla highway , leaving the road to the airport and the Hermanos Serdan reach the junction Huexotzingo Cholula take left direction of Cholula. Or coming down the path Atlixco Cuautla take federal highway heading toward the city of Puebla and out in the city of San Francisco Acatepec Tonanzintla , Cholula . Or by the way called Atlixcayotl from Atlixco Puebla to departing in the direction of Cholula Peripherals and having two output options already mentioned on the Peripheral .

  accessibility Cholula Archaeological Zone has restrooms for visitors with disabilities and has almost full set of ramps to visit the entire site , except within the tunnel for reasons of space.