Escribe texto o la dirección de un sitio web, o bien, traduce un documento. Capital city of the municipality of the same name, located in the central region of the state of Sinaloa ... The Humaya, Tamazula and Culiacán rivers are the main tributaries of freshwater which cross the city maintaining a beautiful ecological environment along its banks, why Culiacán is now known as The Garden City of
Mexico. The municipality has a great diversity of natural attractions such as wetlands Cove Pavilion, Bay Quevedo, Lucenillas Peninsula and Punta San Miguel beautiful beaches such as Las Playas de Ponce, Las Arenitas, Cóspita, El Conchal and La Puntilla.

 There is a fine dining in rural areas and stately destinations, beautiful traditions and great manifestations of religious fervor addition to archaeological sites and dams where you can go boating, waterskiing and bass fishing. For this and more, Culiacan is "Eden Tourism". Culiacán beaches are mostly untouched such as: El Conchal, El Medano Blanco, The Watcher, The Robalar, Playa del Tambor and Las Arenitas there on the coast of the municipality of Culiacán small fishing communities as Cospita, Las Arenitas and Playa de Ponce, currently these coastal areas are visited by birdwatchers and hikers as well as being visited by surfers groups found in them waves of very good size for their sporting prowess water. In Playas de Ponce belonging to the receivership of Eldorado is held every year the summer event "La Feria del Marisco" and other events such as sand volleyball, swimming and soon made the 1st contest "Figures Arena" in these beautiful beaches. Another place that is proper to enjoy nature's Beaches Boca del Rio San Lorenzo and La Puntilla which are also suitable for sport fishing.

 Thousands of families Culiacanenses appointment in these natural spas are given during the celebration of Easter, here converge thousands of bathers who has been meeting every year to be in constant contact with nature in addition to testing delicious dishes with seafood. In the estuaries of Cospita there is a great diversity of islands inhabited by a large number of local and migratory birds, this being a spectacle, many residents offer boat tours which take you to see the only oyster farm in the municipality.


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