Wednesday, January 27, 2016


Nestled in the heart of South America, Paraguay slowly making its way to the tourism business based on the great potential of its natural beauty
. Each apartment has a striking corner to meet. In the note, we list 10 of the best.
1. Tunnel of Trees: striking by the elegance of trees forming a green tunnel on Route VI in the district of Santa Rita, Alto Parana. After a journey of 400 meters, is the peaceful enjoyment of Paraná countryside.Aspect of the 'tunnel' green. (Photo Carrot hunter moments).
2. Salto Crystal: is located about 120 kilometers from the capital, Asuncion. One of the big attractions of domestic tourism, this jump and abundant vegetation surrounding invites to a pleasant rest. The jump is nestled in the Ybycuí National Park is far from the urban area only 28 kilometers, on paved road.Salto de Cristal. Photo: verfotosde.org
3. Vallemi Caverns: Caverns San Lazaro are located 6 km. Vallemí city; These caves have unique input systems and some sinks around the caves. Recommended for green tourism.Vallemi Caverns.
4. Lake Ojo del Mar, Bella Vista Norte, Amambay: in Rinconada de Pedro Juan Caballero colony is located about 50 kilometers from the city of Bella Vista. It is considered a paradise. Supposedly it emerged after a volcanic eruption surrounded by lush subtropical vegetation.Sea Eye Lake
According to comments from the locals, the depth of this natural lake with crystal clear water but medium green color is unknown. Lake and launched more than 100 meters of ties without approaching the bottom, has a dimension of about 100 meters in diameter with permanent flow in any season.Lake View
Geologists and specialists say the place would have emerged over 250 million years before Christ, is inhabited by a variety of fish and until recently by the rare Yacaré Morotí (White Crocodile).
5. The Dunes of San Cosme and Damian: These mountains of sand, over 30 meters high, are the remnants of Mount Ybycuí, it is located in the center of Yacyretá lake formed by the waters of the Parana river itself. You may reach them aboard a boat taking a walk of one hour.Dunes of San Cosme and Damian.
6. Salted Lakes Golf Mary in the Paraguayan Chaco: Beautiful natural scenery, watching birds and animals form an unforgettable tour start. Reaching these gaps is venturing into an ecosystem where you can see the pure nature of the Paraguayan Chaco. It is a private reserve dedicated to the conservation of nature in an area of ​​about 4,500 hectares. It belongs to the Cooperative Chortizer Komitee.Laguna Paraguayan Chaco. Photo: descubrirparaguay.blogspot.com
7. The Paraguayan Pantanal in Fuerte Olimpo: the largest wetland system in the world, which also includes part of Brazil and Bolivia. Annually waters rise several meters, inundating a large territory, and then recede, creating a natural environment of great beauty, a haven for birds, fish, amphibians, reptiles and mammals.The Paraguayan Pantanal
8. El Salto del Monday: located in the district of Presidente Franco, Alto Parana department, occupies an area of ​​nine hectares. After the Power Plant and the binational Itaipu hydroelectric complexes, Saltos del Monday is one of the main attractions of Paraguay.Jumping Monday. Photo: skyscraperlife.com
9. Laguna Blanca in San Pedro: includes an agricultural-livestock and tourism establishment with a lake that has the distinction of being seated on calcareous sand which makes it fully transparent, and that anyone with diving elements can clearly see fish and plants including the sites of over seven meters deep. It is considered the only natural lake of Paraguay.White Laguna San Pedro. Photo: panoramio.com
10. Cave Kururu Kua in Amambay: located in Bella Vista Norte, in the district called Rinconada, Amambay Department, 57 km from the center of Bella Vista, inside a private property. Lush vegetation hid until 2007 the cenote or cave with natural water features and unique landscapes.