Sandy beaches and palm trees silhouette silhouetted against a blue sky. Young surfers and sun worshipers middle aged Zicatela beach. Fresh fruit in the market. Oaxacan cuisine fresh and feature in a local restaurant. This is Puerto Escondido, a Mexican sun-drenched paradise whose beaches attract visitors from throughout Mexico and around the world.
I Invaded by tourists? Hardly. Being a bit more complicated to get here than many other Mexican tourist destinations, Puerto Escondido is not known for its vacation packages "all expenses paid". It is famous for being a Mexican beach town.
You can stay in a hostel unadorned rent a house or apartment, or want a hotel with few stars. Whatever your decision, do not be disappointed, since Puerto Escondido is a hospitable city and respects its visitors.
You will never go wanting. There are hundreds of places to choose from: the restaurants are everywhere, from the beach to the market, and culinary options are impressive.
It will never be bored. Once you've tired of being shot on the beach go whale watching or rent a boat to go fishing. Go to dive in the water or tossing a plane, walk into a pond, riding, walking on the beach, take a look at the market stalls, visit a gallery or find a special gift to take home one of the many shops of artisans.
Alternatively, come and stay for a week for life: any local real estate offices will be happy to help you find the home of your dreams in paradise.


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