Monday, May 19, 2014


Caleta de Campos is a small cove surrounded by hills and lush vegetation , is located in the Bufadero Bay on the south coast of Michoacán because of its many attractions is one of the most visited beaches of this entity. In Caleta de Campos a sea of ​​warm, calm waters , a beautiful landscape of palm trees and mountains , groves to the sea with rich seafood and populated with the services needed to stay with comfort together . Near the
village are surfing beaches as Nexpa , freshwater springs and rivers Mexcalhuacán or estuaries and mangroves with a great variety of birds.

  Sightseeing in Caleta de Campos The bay is the archetypal unspoilt beach: fine white sand, a sea of ​​soft waves , natural surroundings with beautiful palm trees and a quiet place to relax, sunbathe and dry in warm crystal clear water environment. That is why a great destination for family trip with your partner or to reconnect with nature . The adventure also takes place in Caleta de Campos, in the Bay Navy ship Quetzalcoatl of Mexico, which was sunk in 2006 as an initiative to create an artificial reef is . Currently the ship is populated with a rich diversity of flora and fauna, including coral species at risk of extinction. The town itself is another attraction , being situated on hills and cliffs has a spectacular view of the bay ; friendly treatment of its people and its environment celebrations with music and traditional dances are reasons to visit or return to this place. Other rivers and beaches near Caleta de Campos are Nexpa bar , beach and cove Mexiquillo Pichilinguillo .

  Getting to Caleta de Campos The overland route starts in Morelia , capital of Michoacan state , the route is just over 400 miles. It is part of the city of Morelia for the toll highway to Uruapan or federal highway 14 , to reach the bypass Uruapan Lazaro Cardenas is taken and continue along the toll road or the federal highway 37 , crossing with 200 Federal Highway , a few kilometers before the city of Lázaro Cárdenas. The journey continues along the federal highway 200 in the direction of Manzanillo, traveling about 50 miles from Lazaro Cardenas Tecomán stretch . After crossing Las Peñas , Chuquiapan and La Soledad Caleta de Campos arrives.

 An alternative route , following the same federal highway 200 , is from Ixtapa -Zihuatanejo , Guerrero direction of Lázaro Cárdenas and then Tecomán , Colima. The route is approximately 170 kilometers before arriving at Lazaro Cardenas passes Petacalco community and the bed of the Balsas River is crossed at the height of the dam La Villita . In passenger bus from Morelia , Guadalajara or Mexico City can transship Lázaro Cárdenas, then board a bus pass or Tecomán direction of Manzanillo to cross Caleta de Campos. From Ixtapa you can take a bus to Lazaro Cardenas and Manzanillo one direction to stop on highway 200 across the town of Caleta de Campos.

 By air, the best access point is the International Airport Ixtapa- Zihuatanejo ; connects various cities of the country and abroad. In this aerial terminal offers car rental service , taxis and accommodation booking . National Airport Lazaro Cardenas is located at a shorter distance but the availability of commercial flights is limited.