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When Chiapas mentioned in terms of tourism and possible tours to take in this state of the republic, is surely think in the first instance, in ecotourism or excursions, cultural or anthropological tourism, the fascinating ethnic groups
that inhabit this part of Mexico. But do not forget that there are some very beautiful beaches that can not be overlooked due to the pleasant travel experiences that lead in Chiapas. In what follows we will discuss about pleasing tourism can be experienced in the beautiful beaches of Chiapas.

Boca del Cielo

It is perfect for those who like simple but full experience of being in contact with pure nature, watching the surf site, the flight of seabirds and rustic lifestyle of the local fishermen. Boca del Cielo is 38 kilometers from Tonala.

Playa Sol

This is a perfect place to develop motorcycle rides, going at full speed on the fine sand, while admiring splendid sunsets. It is certainly one of the most attractive places to admire the Pacific Ocean. Playa Sol is located 13 kilometers from Tonala.

Playa Pijijiapan

It is a place defined by located on a strip of smooth sand, near the community of Chocohuital. It is an unsurpassed natural spa, best to enjoy a holiday by the Chiapas. For those who enjoy water sports, is a true sanctuary. It is located 95 kilometers from Tonala.

Puerto Arista

We offers 32 miles of beach to open sea with high waves, high and restless palms, and more than friendly locals. This is a peaceful retreat where to escape the bustle of urban everyday. Puerto Arista is located 22 kilometers from Tonala.

Playa Linda

Playa Linda Beach is a fraction of open sea with high waves and vast expanses of smooth sand. There a gentle and refreshing breeze is perceived. It is an excellent area for practicing water sports. It is 35 kilometers from Tapachula

Playa Aventuras

It is a beach near Tapachula, for its natural characteristics, is highly recommended for sport fishing, boat tours, observation of flora and fauna, photographic tours, bike rides and sports beach.

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