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Adventure in San Luis Potosi
San Luis Potosi

San Luis Potosi is little known, but it is a glorious secret for lovers of outdoor adventure. Encompassing a diverse country with tropical forests and high desert, marked by hundreds of majestic mountains, adventure awaits in every corner of the
state. The attraction not to be missed, which is only for those who are we faint of heart, mind or disposition, is the Cave of Swallows, a cave so unique proportions that has become a favorite base for jumpers they are thrilled with the fall of over 1000 feet.

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Adventure in Michoacán

Many say that Michoacán is the most beautiful state in Mexico. Extending through a chain of magnificent volcanoes, valleys include some of the most fertile agricultural land in the country; lakes have provided inspiration and sustenance for millennia. Among these, travelers will find picturesque colonial towns like Patzcuaro and Uruapan, or enjoy the pleasures of a big city in Morelia, the beautiful capital of the state. With regard to natural wonders, Michoacán has positioned itself as a must-visit destination regarding overwintering sites of the Monarch butterflies.

Adventure in Chiapas

The southernmost state of Mexico, on the border with Guatemala, is home to some of the most spectacular places in nature and indigenous culture. Endowed with a varied climate ranging from warm and sunny beaches to cool and cloudy highlands and jungles, waterfalls and mangroves presents Chiapas, sheer cliffs and breathtaking lagoons. Plant and animal life is among the most diverse in Mexico, including wild orchids and giant ceiba trees, howler monkeys, parrots and even large size cats like jaguars and ocelots. We must not forget to visit the magnificent waterfalls of Agua Azul.

Adventure in Chihuahua
Copper Canyon

Discover Chihuahua, one of the best kept secrets in Mexico, away from the typical tourist path. Under the purple depths of the Sierra Madre Occidental, you will find dazzling wildflowers and thunderstorms in the rainy season, followed by blue and sunny skies, paintings and amazing wildlife desert. Also, sleepy villages that have not changed in centuries, vestiges of the Mexican Revolution and a long tradition of hospitality towards visitors. One of the main attractions in Chihuahua Copper Canyon, a spectacular canyon network that covers 21 thousand square miles.

Adventure in Baja California Sur
La Paz

The beautiful Baja California Sur is a prime location for sun, surf and splendid isolation. -Oasis Its infinite desert environments similar to Sahara, date and coconut groves of cacti from another world and mangroves stimulate the imagination. When you get to finisterra in Los cabos, sports, fishing and whale watching are pure adrenaline. The rugged peninsula that lies between the Pacific Ocean and the Sea of Cortez -and that is so close to the United States is one of the most magnificent natural wonders of Mexico.

Adventure in Nuevo León

With his rough environment, rancher and spectacular desert landscapes, Nuevo León has become a secret of connoisseurs for outdoor adventures where locals welcome visitors with the best hospitality. Do not forget to try the Matacanes, located in the Parque Nacional Cumbres and accessible only wheel drive vehicles because of the rugged terrain of the mountains of the Sierra Madre Oriental. It is a journey that can take up to 8 hours and combining hiking, rappelling, cliff jumping and hiking extravagant and beautiful waterfalls.

Adventure in Oaxaca
Puerto Escondido

With one of the most varied landscapes of Mexico besides an incredibly biodiversity is not surprising that Oaxaca is a place for those who have to visit. Many start with the rugged unspoiled beaches, where you will find the strongest waves of the Pacific. The tropical atmosphere in the Isthmus of Tehuantepec offers splendid lakes and amazing wildlife. For surfing we should not forget to visit Puerto Escondido, where we can experience the blue feeling of being crushed by some of the best waves in the Pacific Ocean, and become familiar with the surf culture, Mexican style.

Adventure in Queretaro

Querétaro, historical and natural heart of ranchera region known as the Bajío mining is a mountain jewel famous for its hot springs, mysterious archaeological sites, and biosphere reserve the Huasteca. If we are climbers or hikers, we should not miss the Peña de Bernal, which is located at an elevation of 1150 feet, second only to the Sugar Loaf Mountain and Rock of Gibraltar. It is located in San Sebastián Bernal, a small town in Queretaro. Our hiking and climbing will be well rewarded by the spectacular view.

Adventure in Quintana Roo

One of the states with the most unique adventures of Mexico's Quintana Roo. Its famous white beaches and dazzling blue sky -home second reef largest in the world are just the beginning: the door to an amazing animal diversity, lush flowers and trees, and traces of the magnificent Mayan civilization. We should not miss one of the parks world-class ecotourism, such as Sian Ka'an, Xcaret or Xel-Ha, whose waters offer visitors a wonderful experience of snorkeling in a cenote and even dive into the pristine aquatic reserves of Mexico.

Adventure in Sonora
Puerto Penasco

The deserts of Sonora, extending north from the coast of the Sea of Cortez, offer a unique adventure in life. Get ready for unforgettable images of cacti, golden sunsets and sand swirls in and around towns and villages enveloped in an atmosphere of independence and simultaneously opening and kindness. You will be welcomed as we do so only in Mexico. One of the most appealing things about Sonora is its proximity to the US border, where you can enjoy a desert or Sea of Cortez overlooking the seaside, a few hours away from Mexico.

Adventure in Veracruz
Chapultepec aqueduct

Veracruz is a natural wonder that provides everything from quiet beaches and jungles, to the frozen tundra in its higher elevations. In the "Cofre de Perote" national park we can practice climbing the mountain, and at the top, the rock formation, we can rappel. In the Pico de Orizaba, there is access to the volcano by Xometla. From there we can start climbing. The place has four shelters that serve as starting points for promotion, two are on the north side, in a place called "Piedra Grande" and the other on the side called "Torrecillas".