Macuspana municipality has an area of 2551.70 square kilometers eextensión. It borders the municipalities of Centro (Villahermosa), Centla, Jonuta, Tacotalpa, Jalapa and the State of Chiapas. The climate is humid with
abundant rains in summer warm, has an average annual temperature of 23.6 ° C, with maximum and minimum 30.1 ° C 21.2 ° C. It has a total population of 153.132 inhabitants (INEGI 2012), of which 77.912 are women and 75.220 men. There is a total of 37.937 dwellings. Some of the tourist attractions are: White Water Spa, with natural springs and waterfalls coming from a cave at the foot of the hill, also has two swimming pools, wading in warm, clear water from a smaller spring, the grottos feature light and sound effects.


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