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Tequisquiapan and San Juan del Rio , located in the southeast of Querétaro , are two populations that have the attractions to make your weekend the best travel experience. San Juan River , the second largest of Queretaro, dating from the sixteenth century , when the area became a must for travelers going north in search of gold and silver step. The foundation of the town took place on

San Juan del Rio, Queretaro, NIGHTS OF LEGENDS

San Juan del Río, Querétaro is an important industrial center with a good infraestuctura tourist services with the warm atmosphere of the Mexican province. Besides its colonial architecture,
San Juan del Rio has the only place of its kind, "The Museum of Death", whose purpose is to present death as a cultural phenomenon in all its intensity, mystery and symbolism. It is


City enveloping the visitor in its colonial architecture, with its charms prehispanic and natural attractions. Integrated city to progress, with the major industry presence, kept alive struggle has developed his past to his present, keeping the image of their traditions and customs. San Juan del Rio was named this way because their founders came to be held on June 24 St. John's day, just by being on the banks of a mighty river, he also used the


Queretaro is one of 31 states with the Federal District comprise the 32 federative entities of Mexico.
Located in central Mexico, in a region known as El Bajio. Its capital is the city of Santiago de Querétaro (located about 200 km northwest of Mexico City). Querétaro is bordered on the north by the state of San Luis Potosi, Guanajuato to the west, Hidalgo to the east, southeast to the southwest of Mexico and Michoacán.
Queretaro is a state full of historical facts and a growing national rate accelerated industrial development and business development. It contains several sites declared World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 1996 and is considered the Cradle of Independence of Mexico

The main destinations are Querétaro intrastate equity ( 70 % of tourism ), San Juan del Rio ( 14 % ) , Tequisquiapan (9.2 % ) , Bernal and the Sierra Gorda region . Solid growth in the sector is
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