Tuesday, April 22, 2014


Playa Miramar is located in Ciudad Madero, just a few minutes from downtown Tampico , is one of the most important tourist attractions of Tamaulipas. With its bright sunshine , calm waters and fine sand , Miramar is one of the most beautiful and extensive beaches of Mexico , also in 2010 became the first certified beach of the Gulf of Mexico in terms of sustainability of quality beach use
recreation in the hotel zone, in an area covering one kilometer. Miramar receives every year between the months of March to July , the arrival of the Kemp's ridley , an endemic species that reaches the coast of southern Tamaulipas to spawn. Witnessing this event is an unforgettable experience that sometimes includes the release of the offspring as part of education for children and adults who care the species.

 The Coastal Boulevard crossing much of the beach, offers a variety of beach clubs, comfortable hotels and restaurants renowned for their delicious seasoning in which you can not miss the unique stuffed crabs, seafood cocktails , traditional meat and tampiqueña fresh fish. It also features excellent ambient bars offering countless brewed beverages . In addition to its characteristics , this beach with water sports and sporting activities you can not miss such as sailing, surfing, skiing, jet -skiing, kayaking, windsurfing , kitesurfing and diving , not to mention the fun ride on the Banana Boat. South Beach is a nice Malecon promenade where it is a sight to see how the sea merge with the Panuco River. From the tip of this place you can appreciate the input and output of large ships , shrimp boats and sport fishing and the beautiful spectacle of dolphins and dolphins plying its waters.

 Extensive open 10 miles of white sand beach and gentle slope that allows you to move tens of meters without the water reaches to the waist. Here you can enjoy various water sports such as sailing , surfing , jet skiing and fishing. It also has a boardwalk (called the jetties ) , whose input the monument to the fallen sailors, built to honor those who died in Mexican ships during World War II is . It houses the lighthouse, also serving to define the binding of the Panuco River and the Gulf of Mexico . South boardwalk featuring a sexy walk, which allows you to enjoy the mouth of the river and from where you can admire dolphins is located. Tampico is a port of great height and famous worldwide for fishing Saturday Chariel Lagoon and Marlin in the Gulf of Mexico . As for food , fish and seafood are good. The specialty is roast tampiqueña , steak marinated in garlic, oil and oregano.