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Playa Miramar is located in Ciudad Madero, just a few minutes from downtown Tampico , is one of the most important tourist attractions of Tamaulipas. With its bright sunshine , calm waters and fine sand , Miramar is one of the most beautiful and extensive beaches of Mexico , also in 2010 became the first certified beach of the Gulf of Mexico in terms of sustainability of quality beach use

Tamaulipas Miramar Beach Mexico

Miramar has 10 km of sandy beach that is characterized by declining to enter its waters to dive safely . You can swim, jet skiing and sailing. By the evening , go to the boardwalk , a strip road that marks the union of the Panuco River to the Gulf of Mexico . You can admire the entry and departure of ships and shrimp boats . Tamaulipas is noted for its cuisine ; test tampiqueña meat , fish
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