Wednesday, April 23, 2014


From a tram ride through the streets of Coyoacán, Xochimilco and a tour on a punt option may be to spend this vacation in Mexico City .

  Coyoacán The old district of Coyoacan is emblematic of the City of Mexico . It has a wide cultural diversity. Here you can perform various activities such as a tour aboard the tram in which you will explain what happened in each place , plus you can visit the museums in the area
such as the Blue House of Frida Kahlo. The churros, coffee, chocolate and snow can not miss while you appreciate its beautiful architecture .

Zocalo In the downtown Zocalo plate is a must place to visit ; only its dimensions are impressive, in the middle of Mexico flag around is remarkable Metropolitan Cathedral and the National Palace, where every September 15th president gives the Grito de Independencia stands . On site there are hotels and restaurants with a great view , also in its surrounding streets you will find different stores that may interest you.

  Templo Mayor Archaeological area, which was the absolute center of the Mexican religious life of Tenochtitlan. You can take a tour of the place , supported by a guide who will give details of what happened there and the importance of it. Then you can see pieces that were rescued . They are inside the museum, which has several exhibition halls, which allow you to understand better how life was shaped by our ancestors.

  Xochimilco Tourist destination that retains its traditions and customs. A town with narrow streets, food and crafts markets , kiosk on the esplanade , where art workshops taught . Of course a walk in trajinera is mandatory. Along the way you'll find bands, food and craft vendors . You can also visit the Museo Dolores Olmedo , which is a permanent exhibition of works by renowned artists Diego Rivera and Frida Kahlo.

  Garibaldi Food , mariachi and good atmosphere is what you'll find in this famous square , where every day families and groups of friends gather to have a good time . You can ask the mariachis play the song you want or you can hire per hour. A typical food market and various restaurants for drinks are within the square ; there is also a museum in which the process of mezcal is displayed and tells the story of Garibaldi.

  Museo Soumaya Located west of the city, Polanco , known for its strange and stunning architecture . Within its structure houses collections of featured artists such as Salvador Dalí , Miró , Rodin, among others. Since its opening in 2011 has been visited by 2 million 600 thousand people. In its vicinity are some malls , where there are restaurants and other establishments.

  Monument to the Revolution This monument is actually incomplete : it is only the dome, which is planned to be a huge precinct who would have worked in the deputies and senators . It was recently remodeled with stunning sources, where people go to bathe , and an elevator in the middle, to go upstairs and see the city from another angle.

  Six Flags Entertainment center for the whole family , located south of the city. You can spend a day of excitement , enjoy the mechanics, dolphin shows, magicians, clowns , and even superhero games. There are also many dining options right there. On their website you can see all the promotions that they have and so save your visit.

  Chapultepec Chapultepec Park is divided into three sections, each of which offer attractive and activities. It is the zoo , cultural centers, a botanical garden, the largest and smallest lake where you can rent boats and enjoy the birds that live there. There is also an area for sport or take a bike ride and even in the third section is the Equestrian Center of Mexico City .

  Alameda Central / Fine Arts The Central Alameda, recently remodeled, is a good place to spend a good evening , walk around and have a coffee . A few steps from the Alameda, is the Palace of Fine Arts, which can only admire the architecture or participate in any cultural activity within their enclosure. The Palace , incidentally , celebrates its 80th anniversary this year .