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Thursday, April 24, 2014

Ripley Museum Mexico City

From a distance you get to see a small castle , next to the old mansion that is your neighbor, your draws much attention. You go and find that their doors are open to all the curious who want to visit this unique place ; As you walk in , the first thing that catches your eye is the prehistoric whale skeleton hanging from the ceiling . Immediately after , turn your gaze huge Chinese lucky coin , giant tractor
tire , the gargoyle guarding the entrance and an old black hearse .

  Did you know that the traditional size of a loaf of bread has increased 23% since the Last Supper ? At the end of the lobby is a small door that invites you to visit the castle of the Colonia Juárez. As you cross , fatter women and the tallest man in the world welcome you and invite you to learn foreign objects that Robert L. Ripley collected and met in all trips made ​​throughout his life. Among the items you can find there is a replica of the Mona Lisa (La Monalisa ) of Leonardo Da Vinci , made with toasted bread ; a replica of a shrunken head , a painting on a cobweb, a Gothic cathedral made ​​of sugar cubes , African statues brass and cello , among many others.

  Did you know that the average size of the dish ( which is used for eating ) has grown an average of 66 % from the Last Supper ? In Ripley's Museum , you can meet a man who was born with an enormous horn 30 inches at the skinniest person in the world (before anorexia was fashionable ) , a really little lord , the person with bigger nose, etc. . Also, children can learn more of the ancient customs and traditions , or some populations in Africa; traditions that can reach to the Western impact , otherwise known context. What's more , in this museum , children can have fun at the rotating tunnel simulator rollercoaster curious and different games are there in this place.

  Did you know that the average size of the portion of the main dish grew 69% from the Last Supper ? Ripley's Museum is at the end , a place where kids will have an amazing time , as will be surprised with most objects and displaying prints collection Ripley, a reason to take them to be fun, learn and grab a taste for museums. Although you may not believe ...