Saturday, November 30, 2013


the Port of Veracruz awaits you to dance, sing and enjoy as part of Mexico's most famous carnival. Experience the joy and magic of the Jarocho people! " Talk of Veracruz is talking about joy, music, dance, magic and witchcraft. " Many cities in Mexico carnivals takes place of spectacular beauty, each with their unique touches , but it is precisely these elements that make the Carnival Veracruz , one of the most spectacular events in the country .

 This year, from 5 to 13 February, jarochos streets paint colors to spice up this joyful tradition. Between parades of floats , costumes and musical performances of international artists as Miguel Bosé, Willie Colón , Maná, Intocable, Beto Cuevas
and Reik , the city of Veracruz will dress up to celebrate these days before the start of the Lent.

 Carnivals have originated in ancient Rome , as a form of worship to God Momo , deity of jokes and banter . In Veracruz was first held in the year 1866 , during the government of Maximilian of Hapsburg. It was during this time that the inhabitants of this beautiful port requested Domingo Bureau , superior prefect Department permission to celebrate the Festival of Masks , which consisted of costume balls to core social centers where people gave rein loose the fun and good humor.

 Although the festivals were exclusively in salons , speaking to them, the participants took the opportunity to parade through the streets , which endeared him to the people who stood on the sidewalk . Then , Don Domingo Bureau managed to make rules for the celebration of the carnival was made, and that is where the famous Parade born Carnival of Veracruz. From this century , carnivals were growing in their features and aspects , being organized by an official committee.

Currently the Carnival of Veracruz looks important and attractive for the whole family along about nine days now : the Burning of Bad Humor , parades, coronations of Kings and Queens , and the Burial of Juan Carnaval . Be sure to not be part of them! Also, you can take advantage of your visit to explore and enjoy the city of Veracruz, one of the most important trading ports in Mexico .

 In this city, founded in the sixteenth century , you can admire beautiful colonial buildings and the fort of San Juan Ulua , the Municipal Palace, the Cathedral and the building of the Archives and Historical Library , and visit its impressive aquarium and test the best regional cuisine in its numerous restaurants and cafés great tradition .