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Bello Western territory of Colima since 1551, is distinguished by its vast natural wealth and that according to the Nahuatl word, meaning "dedicated to Minas place."

Historically inhabited by indigenous and autumn harvest, this land looks


The Burning of Bad Humor, coronations, parades and burial of Juan Carnaval are just some of the most important activities of this party.Do not miss them!

The Burning of Bad Humor

It is the moment that initiate the carnival festivities. It begins with a festive and cheerful parody, usually performed by a group of local theater, followed by the burning of cranky represented by the image of


Perote Valley is located at 2.465 meters of altitude above sea level. The weather is usually cold and dry, with an average annual temperature of 12º C. The landscape of this region offers attractions of a different nature, for here


Located within the city, the Plaza de la Constitucion, or Zocalo, where battles were developed long ago and so many political struggles were experienced, which displays beautiful scenery is flanked by traditional restaurants and bars in Los Portales, which serves ideal framework for the presentation of all kinds of events. The folk dances


Veracruz is a famous destination for its diverse culture and hospitality of its more than 7 million. Traditional festivals, which are held throughout the year, attracting Mexicans and foreigners alike. Veracruz is located in the Gulf of Mexico and off the Atlantic Ocean. The state is hot and humid and has a rich biodiversity with tropical forests, coral reefs offshore and 635 bird species. The

Top 10 places to visit this summer in Veracruz

Natural destinations , archeological zones, ecotourism and spas are just some of the deals that the state of Veracruz has for this vacation. Its archaeological treasures , natural landscapes, ancient traditions , gastronomy and folklore the state to attract millions of visitors each year.

 The diversity of activities covering all tastes . The Universal Veracruz suggests 10 options to visit in this summer holiday . The


In the Gulf of Mexico , is located one of the most iconic , rich and colorful cities of the country for its history and culture. We refer to the famous port of Veracruz.

From Spanish colonization to date, there has been a strategic area for the country that is


This traditional celebration dating back to colonial times , when Emperor Maximilian ruled the country. It has become the most important carnival in Mexico because of its folklore and the large number of visitors it receives every year. During the burning of bad humor, which takes place the first night at the base of the city , is ignited characters , events and ideas. It has been burned politicians, showbiz stars and criminals, as


During the first Friday in March, the wizards of the Veracruz population meet in secret to perform rituals that allow them to "increase their power and cleanse his soul " place. Meet them ! During the first hours of the first Friday in March, occurs in Catemaco , Veracruz, a moving party where sorcerers, diviners and healers are the main protagonists. Here are the details: Meeting at midnight Dying on Thursday , just plucked early Friday , starting the Black Mass ( it is not exactly a dark mass as related to devil worship , although it is rumored that some black witches themselves make them to


Important fishing port on which stands the lighthouse for navigation. The surrounding beaches are very attractive and they can practice snorkeling and fishing. Dogfish , with only 200 thousand inhabitants , owes its name to the custom of the fishermen catch small sharks in the bar , but in recent years, thanks to the magnificent nature that has , found a tourist vocation that seeks to develop .

 Has thirteen accommodation centers , with 123 rooms in total , ranging from a campsite , to a three-star hotel whose location opposite the mouth of the river Cazones at sea, where a


Ask anyone who has been to Papantla what impressed them most , and say , " The Flyers " . For those who never been on the coast of Veracruz, Mexico or even in , this is a tradition that takes place in Mexico but has spread worldwide . The flyers have been filed in the United States, and even in Paris and Madrid to Tokyo and Moscow. So, who are the Flyers , and why are they famous ? It is impressive to see the spectacle of four men literally "flying " when using a 30 meter pole secured only by a rope tied around their waists . Even more amazing is the musician , called the Caporal that swings on a


the Port of Veracruz awaits you to dance, sing and enjoy as part of Mexico's most famous carnival. Experience the joy and magic of the Jarocho people! " Talk of Veracruz is talking about joy, music, dance, magic and witchcraft. " Many cities in Mexico carnivals takes place of spectacular beauty, each with their unique touches , but it is precisely these elements that make the Carnival Veracruz , one of the most spectacular events in the country .

 This year, from 5 to 13 February, jarochos streets paint colors to spice up this joyful tradition. Between parades of floats , costumes and musical performances of international artists as Miguel Bosé, Willie Colón , Maná, Intocable, Beto Cuevas

The Aquarium Veracruz, a world marine

If you 'd like you to look so closely a starfish stingray or you could touch it and feel its texture ? Or swim with dolphins and sharks without running any danger? , How about watching seahorses , clown fish, piranhas and hundreds of species you've only seen on the big screen ?
No more need to visit Mexico aquariums , some of the best in Latin America, and discover the wonderful biodiversity heritage Mexican waters . The famous French oceanographer Jacques Cousteau named the state of Baja California as " the world's aquarium " and is simply in Cabo Pulmo inhabit 39 percent of all marine mammal species in the world. That's why professional and amateur divers from around the world , looking for Mexican waters to enjoy this amazing underwater universe inhabited by manta rays , turtles , whales , sharks , sea


Catemaco with 48,593 inhabitants in 2010 is one of the 212 municipalities of the Mexican state of Veracruz. It is located in the center of the Sierra de Los Tuxtlas, in the extreme southeast of the state center. Its capital is the city of Catemaco.
The municipality of Catemaco is located in the vicinity of a body namesake lake, Laguna de Catemaco is one of the major attractions for its gastronomic specialties lake (tegogolos, topotes, Catemaco sunfish and several endemic fish species) and as being a major center of ancestral tradition of witchcraft.

Tourism in Los Tuxtlas is mainly concentrated in the city of Catemaco, and less participation
Santiago Tuxtla and San Andres Tuxtla. Except during Easter and the start of

Backpacking BY VERACRUZ

Veracruz is a municipality and the largest and most important city of the state of Veracruz de Ignacio de la Llave, and the central city that gives its name to the urban area known as Metropolitan Area Veracruz.2 3 Has the most important commercial seaport in Mexico . With a population of 552.156 inhabitants in 2010. It is located 90 km away from the state capital Xalapa, and 400 km away from Mexico City. Bordered on the north by the municipality of La Antigua and the Gulf of Mexico, to the south with the municipalities of Medellín and Boca del Rio, on the east by the Gulf of Mexico and to the west by the municipalities of Manlius and Sheep Pass. Its climate is warm tropical, with an average annual temperature of 25.3 ° C and an average annual rainfall of 1500 mm

As for my taste , the most beautiful beaches in Veracruz is the Emerald Coast, which includes the municipalities of Nautla , Tecolutla and Tuxpan. There are mostly small towns without major seaside tourist services, but very quiet and good food offered by locals.

Tecolutla is the place where the best hotels, but you can scroll through the various beaches in about a day. However, they are relatively quiet , which are only visited by tourists on holiday. So if you are looking for entertainment besides the beach , it would be more advisable to go to the port of


Veracruz de Ignacio de la Llave, generalmente conocido como Veracruz, es uno de los 31 estados que junto con el Distrito Federal conforman las 32 entidades federativas de México.
Veracruz es un estado que sobresale por su vocación agrícola, forestal y pesquera, pero también cuenta con una gran estructura productiva industrial en ramas como la petroquímica básica y la generación de energía eléctrica Una espectacular alfombra verde, nos depara a nuestra llegada a Veracruz.

 Este Estado mexicano situado entre la Sierra Madre y el Golfo nos deslumbrara, con sus cascadas, selvas y playas vírgenes. La puerta más bella de México la del mestizaje más vital y alegre del país. Capital mundial del turismo de aventura Veracruz es el escenario de más del 80% del turismo de aventura que se practica en el país.
Un espectáculo de la naturaleza manglares, dunas, selvas, arrecifes submarinos, 700 kilómetros de litoral coronado por el volcán Orizaba con sus 5.610 metros es la montaña más alta del país. Su nombre significa “el volcán de
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