Tuesday, February 25, 2014


During the first Friday in March, the wizards of the Veracruz population meet in secret to perform rituals that allow them to "increase their power and cleanse his soul " place. Meet them ! During the first hours of the first Friday in March, occurs in Catemaco , Veracruz, a moving party where sorcerers, diviners and healers are the main protagonists. Here are the details: Meeting at midnight Dying on Thursday , just plucked early Friday , starting the Black Mass ( it is not exactly a dark mass as related to devil worship , although it is rumored that some black witches themselves make them to
renew their covenant with it. white witches are so called because the purification rites " to remove the black who retain their customers and make more effective clean " ) , in a place where the meeting of the curious avoided, for which payment is requested to entry. So begins the magical event : In principle limits are plotted with calluses where you will make use of magic and purification. All around are unlit torches on the floor and a Star of David or six peaks appear drawn . Also , multiple candles are placed in these parts , so that the path is also fire , which means purification.

 The Star of David is considered by the white witch as beneficial , because those who use the five-pointed pentagram or do evil to summon and call to the devil. In the background can be another star of David , made of sticks and lined with fabric to be lit up like torches surrounding . On the sides there are two shops where assistants will clean under Warlock . In a table herbs and magic potions are concentrated to clean people who so requested and have often traveled far to be released from their evils and bring good fortune to their lives. Thus, those seats are arranged awaiting purification, while the older wizard appears with his assistants dressed in white robes . The greatest sorcerer begins ordering the fire is lit and everything takes on another hue and dimension as well as the sense of encounter with the unknown , but the biggest surprise is when the six-pointed star lights . The witch says a few words to himself and then sacrifice a black hen , representing evil that comes to be purified . Immediately, the Black Mass begins .

 During the ceremony , as Peter says Gueixpal Covix , called by the people of the region as the Brujo Mayor, the doors of the House, where the Lord of the House, who is accountable for what is done during the year and open prompted the purification of his soul to continue helping people break free of their ills. With the opening energies that can use both white and black witches are released. This only every first Friday of March is allowed, ideal day for spiritual cleansing , healing homes , businesses , property , special assignments , etcetera. The ritual of the Black Mass Attendees looking for a clean pass one at a time , sit in a chair in the center of the star of David drawn on the ground and the sorcerer asked to extend their hands to the sides. Thus begins his work. The witch says a prayer invoking Lord of Enchantment and energy points of the area such as the Cerro del Mono Blanco, Sierra de Santa Martha and Laguna Encantada. It gives them a " Branchy " patients with herbs basil , rue and rosemary , and then takes a spiritual water , drink a little and blowing it out in front of the person, and then spray it with magical potions. During the ritual calls for the good fortune of purified, for your work, love and everything anyone could wish for their welfare. The person repeats some of the warlock invocations when he asks for it , the men removed their shirts because they are semibañados with spiritual waters . Meanwhile , women retain their blouse and respectfully seeks discovered bathe him , such as arms, neck and head. Finally, the wizard offers a glass of wine that he himself prepared, to purify the body inside. In stores arranged on the sides of the witch assistants make less clean , cover for non payment of a total.

 Continue the wizard with all its customers and when finished retires to his office , where he will continue to serve those who seek their help during the first Friday of March. Transition from Thursday to Friday On the shores of Laguna Catemaco, falling from that Thursday night , providing a show several exotic and mystical-type groups , dancing to pre-Hispanic or Oriental instruments. For the dancers it is a day when energy gates , with which it comes in contact with her ​​dance harmonizing with the forces of the universe are opened. Some witches offer demonstrations with some rite or clean, everything until twelve midnight, at which time it begins to remove the people to their homes or going to consult with witches.

 Certainly in Catemaco , Veracruz , traditions are still valid . Many others fear them and are amazed . Every first Friday of March is possible to know a little more of our rituals and witchcraft to participate. It is a tradition while open and tight , which is only possible to know and appreciate if you attend and observe rituals as symbolic and unknown , as the black masses of white witches Getting to Catemaco Leaving the Port of Veracruz you should take the road no. 180 , bound for Alvarado to then go through the cities of Lerdo de Tejada , Angel R. Cabada , Santiago Tuxtla and San Andres Tuxtla , and finally reach the destination. It is a journey of about two hours .