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Monday, February 24, 2014

Chapultepec Park, a historic place

Chapultepec Park is undoubtedly one of the most popular and representative points of the City of Mexico . It is widely known as a cultural and historical space where families enjoy their leisure time in green areas that make him a lung for the city .

 Enjoy a day in this forest is one of the things you can not miss when visiting the capital. There are many activities available for walkers among which , visiting museums, tour the zoo or a relaxing stroll in the great lake boat . Then we take you on a brief tour of this place including two of his most important museums on the National History Museum , also known as "Castillo de Chapultepec " , and the Museum of Anthropology and History , bastions of the past and present Mexican . Take
subway line 1 to the Chapultepec Station . On leaving the metro you will find a wide corridor that will lead directly to the Monumento a los Ninos Heroes. To one side of the entrance to Chapultepec Castle is located. Before reaching the castle visit the House of Mirrors . It is a fun place where you will have a good time seeing through mirrors reflecting miniaturized and magnified images of objects.

 The ascent is on foot to reach the Castle , is one of the most enjoyable rides of the place, because while you relax enjoy a privileged view of the surroundings . Another alternative to increase the Cerro del Chapulin is to take a small train that takes visitors to the museum entrance . The building now occupied by the National History Museum was a leading exhibition in some of the most important passages in the history of Mexico . Its architectural beauty contrasts with the battles that were fought here and the heroics of those who defended the country behind its walls.

 One of the two sections of the museum called " Alcazar " , preserves the appearance of residential furniture and giving him the rulers of Hapsburg Emperor Maximilian and his wife Carlota and General Porfirio Diaz. Rooms face shows elegance and opulence living with those characters . In the section corresponding to the Castle , splendid murals and objects documenting different events like the American or the French Invasion Invasion shown. Facts deeply intensified Mexican nationalism . Enjoy the spectacular view you have of the City of Mexico from here .

 You will see at a glance the grand Paseo de la Reforma Avenue which was drawn by order of the Emperor Maximilian . From this point you will appreciate the iconic monument of the Angel of Independence, a symbol of the City of Mexico . At the head down to the lake Castillo de Chapultepec. There you can take a boat trip that will give you a different perspective of the area and its surroundings, where is located the famous " Casa del Lago" , space for cultural activities . Once you finalize your walk along the lake trasládate the extraordinary Museum of Anthropology. It consists of huge rooms dedicated to all Hispanic cultures of Mexico . In each space admirable pieces that reflect the cultural wealth of these people is.

The experience of crossing it will be like a time travel that amaze you as you progress through the hallways . One of the most impressive spaces within the museum is dedicated to Mexican culture . Here the famous monolith of the Aztec calendar, which can be seen at first imposing and majestic view is safeguarded . Another items that attract much attention is the replica of the plume of Emperor Moctezuma , the original piece is currently in the Museum of Ethnology in Vienna.