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Thursday, November 21, 2013

The Aquarium Veracruz, a world marine

If you 'd like you to look so closely a starfish stingray or you could touch it and feel its texture ? Or swim with dolphins and sharks without running any danger? , How about watching seahorses , clown fish, piranhas and hundreds of species you've only seen on the big screen ?
No more need to visit Mexico aquariums , some of the best in Latin America, and discover the wonderful biodiversity heritage Mexican waters . The famous French oceanographer Jacques Cousteau named the state of Baja California as " the world's aquarium " and is simply in Cabo Pulmo inhabit 39 percent of all marine mammal species in the world. That's why professional and amateur divers from around the world , looking for Mexican waters to enjoy this amazing underwater universe inhabited by manta rays , turtles , whales , sharks , sea
lions and many more species .
 In this great treasure of biodiversity thrive Mexico aquariums all concerned to raise awareness and preserve the great natural heritage of our country do not need to be an experienced diver , just come and see these magical places you moved the depths of the sea in a journey full of excitement and adventure.

  Veracruz Aquarium The Veracruz Aquarium is one of the main attractions of the Port and just walk the halls for children and adults remain in awe of the fascinating marine world. It's been two decades since its opening but this legendary aquarium keeps its title of best in Latin America. Not just the property, but which is kept at the forefront of science and technology , and to promote the preservation of marine ecosystems and environmental care .

  What can you see ? Throughout its eight rooms , the colors of the rainbow will not be enough to match the hues of the different species listed there . The tour begins in a room that simulates ecosystem Los Tuxtlas jungle , where you can admire toucans , orchids , turtles , Pejelagartos andeven a boa constrictor ! This trail is part of the Freshwater Gallery has 13 species exhibits Asian, African , South American and domestic . In this gallery you can also admire cavernous setting more than 30 species of fish like tambaquias , arowanas , pacús , red-tailed cats , knives, and many more African cichlids in a pool of 562 000 117 liters cubic . See below for the Reef Fish tank , which houses hundreds of colorful species from Veracruz reefs , the Red Sea and the Pacific Ocean.

Do not miss moray eels , seahorses and clown fish . And if strong emotions involved, visit the shark tank , where you will see over two dozen of these beautiful animals go over your head ,almost like swimming with them ! If you are lucky you will see how divers feed them. By design , circular Reef Fishbowl can go naturally following the movement of fish and stingrays found there . Later arrive at the Manatee , a place where kids will love manatees. Watch them eat taking cabbage leaves to their mouths with their huge fins. Currently the aquarium has nine copies of this harmless mammal and has already captive breeding .