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Friday, November 22, 2013

Matacanes Canyon, beautiful waterfalls

Matacanes Canyon : cascades of fun Matacanes Canyon near the city of Monterrey, is one of the most spectacular canyons of Nuevo Leon and Mexico . It has achieved fame thanks to its turquoise waters, beautiful formations of caves and numerous waterfalls water flowing through it . Matacanes is part of the cannon of Santiago , in the Cumbres de Monterrey National Park , so its flora and fauna is protected. Thus, we can enjoy his exuberance for many years . Its name comes from porous rock formations of calcareous origin , shaped like huge showers , called battlements precisely .

 The fun of this canyon are the large number of jumps, slides and caves through which passes the descent. Walk among waterfalls , crystalline springs , caves , underground rivers and huge gorges. The tour includes rappelling descent of at least two waterfalls of 27 and 18 meters. There are jumps ranging from four to 12 meters, although most of them are optional. Two favorite places are first , a leap in the dark , five meters where the sandy bottom helps cushion the fall , and then a deep pit with walls 8 and
14 m approximately . The area around the cliff makes perfect appreciation of these jumps and replicability whenever you want . This is a meeting place for some groups that encourage and throw clubs who are thrown into the pit. The skiing trip can last between five and eight hours, depending on the number of people who perform , physical capacity , performance and the pace and rhythm of the group.
His landscapes with clear rivers , huge walls , the sound of the waterfalls flooding the room full of winding roads and lush vegetation , will be worth all the hours of travel.

 To get there you need to use all necessary equipment : helmet , harness, carabiners, safety belts , ropes , life jackets , shorts , boots, waterproof dry bag or waterproof canister to store food and dry clothes and headlamp for Caves . The best season to visit recommended Matacanes Canyon is between March and August. To get out of Monterrey, is take the main road ( Federal Highway 85 ) southbound . If you are looking for places to sleep , the closest hotels are Santiago , magical town , or in the cabins of Potrero Redondo. To eat , find any of the restaurants in the municipality of Santiago , arrachera specialists .