Monday, November 25, 2013


Door of Mexico to the world because of its location , Veracruz has an invaluable historical richness . This tropical land gave birth to the Olmec culture , which influenced the mother culture throughout Mesoamerica , including the Maya and Aztecs . The monumental Olmec heads are his most prominent legacy. Meanwhile, Tajin , "City of Thunder" , is the imposing architectural legacy of the Totonac and designated World Heritage Site by UNESCO. But there is more in Veracruz. Just one hour from cheerful port is Quiahuixtlán (Nahuatl , where it
rains ) , an archaeological site prominently seated in the Cerro de los metates .

What's fascinating view of the Gulf of Mexico offered to Quiahuixtlán it has been named the " Tulum Veracruz " . Although among the ruins of this city several pyramid -shaped structures , and even a ball game , which will definitely draw your attention Quiahuixtlán 76 small temples are grouped into various areas , which are actually totonacas mausoleums. Archaeology is not the only attraction of Quiahuixtlán .

 If you like rock climbing , Hill of Metates has a challenge for you. Its steep walls are composed of basaltic prisms experts place their difficulty level between 5.6 and 5.8, but the reward is only : 300 meters above sea level you can admire the one hand , the lush skyline Veracruz, and another , the Gulf of Mexico . Another window into the pre-Hispanic past Chempoalla Veracruz is one of the most important cities in the Gulf Coast , which housed up to 30,000 people between Totonac , and Zapotec Chinantec .

His large wall protects civic and religious buildings of harmonious profile . In the Museum You'll find pieces that reveal the artistry of its inhabitants , including a detailed Xipe - Totec figure , Aztec god of abundance , rebirth or spring, and love. Since we are located in tropical area , the weather is usually hot and humid in Quiahuxtlán and Chempoalla , so do not forget to bring hat , water , insect repellent, comfortable clothes and a raincoat. Directions to Quiahuixtlán , Veracruz : Federal Highway 180, find the Farallon deviation - Tinajitas , leading Los Metates , where the archaeological zone. Hours: Tuesday to Sunday from 9 to 17 hours. Getting to Chempoalla , Veracruz : Chempoalla is 35 kilometers southeast of the port of Veracruz, about 11 kilometers on the road to Vega de Alatorre and Nautla , on Federal Highway 180. Hours: Monday through Sunday from 8 to 17 hours .