Tuesday, November 26, 2013


Any football fan, national or international, Pachuca find in a modern and unique place in the country. It is the Hall of Fame , dedicated to the recognition of the great figures of football grounds Mexico and the world . It is here that due recognition is given to idols who dedicated his life to football. In addition , being in Pachuca , where born Mexican football , Hall of Fame Football promotes the sport , with different activities and partnerships with clubs, businesses and governments.

 The Hall of Fame was inaugurated on July 9, 2011 , Felipe Calderon Hinojosa, accompanied by the President of Chile , Sebastián Piñera Echenique and the head of FIFA, Joseph Blatter. Hall is the director Antonio Moreno, famous sports journalist . To be part of this elite Hall , candidates have only requirement to have participated in the Mexican League in his amateur or professional stage , room for national , or
participated in at least one world championship endorsed by FIFA , for living international .

The investiture vote is made by a committee of honor and a select group of journalists. So far , you can see memorabilia and transcendental used by players like Enrique Borja , Jorge Campos, Horacio Casarín , Franz Beckenbauer, Diego Armando Maradona and, of course , Hugo Sánchez objects. Take advantage of your visit to Hidalgo for some of his Magic Towns. Huasca de Ocampo and Mineral del Chico Real del Monte await you with its cobblestone streets and old stories about its mining past .

For lunch , try the variety of sweet or savory tamales typical of this region , and if you still have some room to fill can try the traditional sweets such as crowbars , walnut or peanut seed , amaranth , jams, pumpkin seed jamoncillos and various types of bread. If your idea of ​​a vacation is to live the adrenaline pumping , Hidalgo is the place to do it . Here you can swim , hiking, fishing , biking , rappelling practice and also camping. The variety of climates and areas of the state of Hidalgo offers a world of possibilities for those who like strong emotions. For lovers of heights , Hacienda San Miguel Regla,

Sierra Verde and Canyon Honda, expect to practice rappelling and sliding down the zip line. After the adventure you can prepare your own food to fish in Zembo Forest , Forest San Miguel Regla, the Huariche and Dam San Antonio, where with patience and determination you can bring a trout to grill. You can also add your travel route a ride in a hot air balloon. Travel suspended in the bucket while admiring the landscapes of Valle de la Peña del Aire and impressive basaltic prisms .

 Enjoy a weekend in nature in Piedras Loaded , ideal for camping, long walks or bike rides on almost three acres of forest or even rock climbing place . Just 20 kilometers from the city of Pachuca, in the Chico National Park , this destination surrounded by rock formations 80 feet high topped by large rocks and weight, promotes the practice of rock climbing, rappelling or simple contemplation of whimsical shapes of nature. If you are looking for a place to explore another option is Tolantongo Caves , a stunning natural setting that lets bathe in hot springs and stay overnight in rustic cabins , rent a tent and sleeping bags . Do not forget to bring your camera because you'll want to capture forever the beautiful scenery .