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En pachuca existen lugares para el turismo muy importantes algo de lo que no te puedes perder es lo siguiente, Te presentamos los lugares imprescindibles y las actividades que no puedes dejar de realizar en este increíble “corredor” del estado de Hidalgo entre minas, bosques y lagos-, a pocos kilómetros de la ciudad de


After the capture of the main warlords -Hidalgo , Allende, Aldama and Jimenez , General Ignacio Lopez Rayon took command of the Insurgent Army and continued fighting throughout the country. The September 13, 1812 , Lopez Rayon with Andrés Quintana Roo , came to the small town of Huichapan , Hidalgo, with the intention to learn about the military campaigns that were taking place in that region. In Huichapan , the


Any football fan, national or international, Pachuca find in a modern and unique place in the country. It is the Hall of Fame , dedicated to the recognition of the great figures of football grounds Mexico and the world . It is here that due recognition is given to idols who dedicated his life to football. In addition , being in Pachuca , where born Mexican football , Hall of Fame Football promotes the sport , with different activities and partnerships with clubs, businesses and governments.

 The Hall of Fame was inaugurated on July 9, 2011 , Felipe Calderon Hinojosa, accompanied by the President of Chile , Sebastián Piñera Echenique and the head of FIFA, Joseph Blatter. Hall is the director Antonio Moreno, famous sports journalist . To be part of this elite Hall , candidates have only requirement to have participated in the Mexican League in his amateur or professional stage , room for national , or


Hidalgo has 84 municipalities, the Ministry of Tourism has divided all the tourist attractions of Hidalgo in six tourist corridors, entering each runner you will see at first that Municipalities and so we have included the information that you provide will achieve your itineraries assemble well as worth all the tourist spots you suggest. Also find different items of interest, curiosities, stories and of course can not miss the information and links to your page from restaurants, hotels, and more fun prestige of the state of Hidalgo.

  Safari Walk Hidalgo We have prepared for you several packages tourist friend to help you make the most of your stay in our state, we have specialized in tours Magic Towns located in Mountain Corridor, our services are: Planning
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