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If you think that museums are more exclusive territory , think again . A museum can be a world of sensations and experiences where our children spend many hours surrounded by art , science, or learning more about trains , toys , space ...

 Children can begin to enjoy the art from an early age , with areas designed only to them. In Mexico , there have been museums devoted to invite children to the world of knowledge and the arts, with very different rules to traditional museums : the child plays , question , lives , screams ... well : sports . And throughout his life remember that fun is synonymous with learning . The first museum designed for children in Mexico was the Papalote , in Chapultepec Park in Mexico City .
 Its creation in 1993 was a response to the global trend in the field of children's museums that emerged in the 1970s , which proposed the creation of dynamic and interactive spaces for children. Soon


Hidalgo has 84 municipalities, the Ministry of Tourism has divided all the tourist attractions of Hidalgo in six tourist corridors, entering each runner you will see at first that Municipalities and so we have included the information that you provide will achieve your itineraries assemble well as worth all the tourist spots you suggest. Also find different items of interest, curiosities, stories and of course can not miss the information and links to your page from restaurants, hotels, and more fun prestige of the state of Hidalgo.

  Safari Walk Hidalgo We have prepared for you several packages tourist friend to help you make the most of your stay in our state, we have specialized in tours Magic Towns located in Mountain Corridor, our services are: Planning
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