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Hidalgo has 84 municipalities, the Ministry of Tourism has divided all the tourist attractions of Hidalgo in six tourist corridors, entering each runner you will see at first that Municipalities and so we have included the information that you provide will achieve your itineraries assemble well as worth all the tourist spots you suggest. Also find different items of interest, curiosities, stories and of course can not miss the information and links to your page from restaurants, hotels, and more fun prestige of the state of Hidalgo.

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  Archaeological Areas
TULA , EMPIRE CAPITAL TOLTECA The archaeological zone of Tula is the best evidence of the Toltec culture that flourished in Mesoamerica between 900 and 1050 d . c . It was a metropolis of 80 000 inhabitants were noted for their culture and dedication to the arts. He is the main monument Tlahuizcalpantecutli temple dedicated to the morning star . There is also a set of old buildings with deep religious symbolism as Coatepantli or Wall of Serpents , the Palacio Quemado, two ball , the central altar , the Tzompantli Pyramid of the Sun and of course here are the famous sculptures of Atlantis , giant stone warriors symbolize the army of Quetzalcoatl and his figure has given identity to Mexico in the world. Browse the old Tula or Tollan is meeting a glorious past that stimulates our interest in knowing more about the people who lived here . It is a mystical place full of energy that comforts the spirit. Tula is located 80 km from the city of Pachuca . On the Mexico- Laredo gets you to Actopan . Sign Hence the state highway that leads to Tula . For Mexico City is accessed through the Mexico- Queretaro, in kilometer 60 take the road to " Refinery " to reach the city . The archaeological site is located one km north . Taking the intersection of the Northern Arc is 30 minutes checking out the state highway linking aTlahuelilpan with Tula takes approximately 10 minutes to reach the center of Tula . The archaeological zone of Tula is administered by the National Institute of Anthropology and History ( INAH ) . • Open Monday to Sunday • From 9:00 to 17:00. • Students , teachers and elderly people with badge, free entry any day of the week. • Sundays and holidays is free access to the National Economy . • Includes entrance to the archaeological site , the Museum

  ARCHAEOLOGICAL SITE OF Huapalcalco, TULANCINGO The young warrior and Ce Acatl Topiltzin artist built his Huapalcalli (wooden house) adorned with inlaid turquoise, shells and snails. He was the son of Mixcoatl and was destined to be head and Toltec village priest. In Huapalcalco started the love for art and together with his people moved to the great Tollan where, according to legend, became the God Quetzalcoatl. Knowing Huapalcalco is closer to the origin of Tula. It is located five miles north of the main square in the corner Tulancingo the boulevards Zapata and Juarez left connects to State Highway heading toward Huapalcalco, shortly before reaching the population is a dirt road by which access to 300 meters of the pyramid built at the foot of the hill Napateco.

  ARCHAEOLOGICAL SITE OF Xihuingo, Tepeapulco It is the oldest archaeological remains of Hidalgo. Probably the origin of the Teotihuacan culture around the year 100 AD His pyramid known as the "Tecolote" was a ceremonial center and petroglyphs abound around him illustrating the life and beliefs of the people. Possibly its construction date from 300-750 AD It is located at the foot of the mystic hill Xihuingo with this height of 3240 meters. It is associated with the Hill of the knives where obsidian was provided to the great city of Teotihuacan. It is located in the Municipality of Tepeapulco. Access is via the road Pachuca Ciudad Sahagun. At km 43 taken left shift to address the old state road towards Apan. Two kilometers later enters a dirt road to the left. Access is free.