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Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Cattle ranches : a secret of Tlaxcala

Haciendas of Mexico , a new splendor
 The haciendas of Mexico is the ideal destination for the traveler seeking more than just a luxury hotel . History and culture are twinned with the luxury and service excellence to offer a comprehensive and exclusive experience . These majestic buildings , reflecting the luxury and good taste of past centuries , have been preserved to be now in places of relaxation and enjoyment. Almost all states in the central and southern Mexico will offer a large number of farms to visit and stay in them , each proposes a different style, a journey in time you will not want to return. Built between the sixteenth and nineteenth centuries , the plantations were production centers that maintained colonial Mexico economy after independent country. There were processed minerals mined . Also raised cattle and produced sugar , pulque , tequila , coffee , wine , cereals and even cocoa .

The estates were surrounded by large tracts of land governed by the "big house" , residence and office of the owner. Its superb architecture and interior design replicated the trends of the times , though local adaptations that gave them a unique style by region of the country. Over time, some farms were abandoned and today only some of its walls standing , others remain low producing new methods. Fortunately, many have regained their splendor and have become unique travel experience : an irresistible opportunity to go back in the past and enjoy the luxury that lived centuries those moguls . You can
choose settings and experiences varied: from the wooded gardens surrounding the mining haciendas San Miguel and Santa Maria Regla in Hidalgo , past cattle ranches of Tlaxcala and nostalgic sobriety, the Campeche and Yucatan henequen , immersed in mystery of the jungle and the Mayan world, or sugar of Morelos , marked by the Mexican Revolution ( 1910 ) . If you are a traveler in search of unique experiences that combine touch with nature , history and luxury , get ready : the haciendas of Mexico shall satisfy all your expectations.

  Cattle ranches : a secret of Tlaxcala Among the states that have managed to acclimate their ranches for a luxurious and relaxing experience tranquility highlights Tlaxcala. The delicious dining, horseback riding, bullfighting environment and the world of pulque make this experience. The route through the cattle ranches and pulque will take you to sober beauty sites , as Hacienda San Pedro Tenexac , national historic monument , the Treasury Tecoac , regional food is appreciated , and pulque Ixtafiayuca Santa Teresa and San Bartolomé del Monte, among others. A favorite for travelers to stay is Hacienda La Laguna . From livestock vocation , has adapted his "big house " five unique rooms with colonial finishes . Savor Mexican delicacies at its restaurant in a lively and very Mexican and go for a ride on horseback to enjoy the fresh air of Tlaxcala. At dusk let yourself be lulled by the sound of crickets and bellowing of bulls in the distance. For a tasty pulque and how is extracted from the agave , stay on the farm Soltepec .
Also known as La Escondida after its fascinating medieval architecture was the scene for a movie starring Maria Felix , the Mexican film diva in 1955 .

Pamper yourself at the spa with a rich rose massage or treat yourself to the benefits of aromatherapy. One of its main attractions is the Museum of pulque , which laid bare the secrets of the "drink of the gods " , typical of Tlaxcala. If you want to give a touch of fun to your stay , ask for the gotcha to be held in the nearby hill of Soltepec . Only 15 kilometers from Huamantla , Tlaxcala , is another site that will soar to centuries: the hacienda San Diego Baquedano .

 Their mud floors and antique furniture recreate a warm, ideal for relaxation . In addition to opening its doors to tourism , this site continues to produce corn, barley , wheat and pine nuts. Book one of the 10 beautiful rooms and is useful to take a balloon ride .