Tuesday, November 19, 2013


If you think that museums are more exclusive territory , think again . A museum can be a world of sensations and experiences where our children spend many hours surrounded by art , science, or learning more about trains , toys , space ...

 Children can begin to enjoy the art from an early age , with areas designed only to them. In Mexico , there have been museums devoted to invite children to the world of knowledge and the arts, with very different rules to traditional museums : the child plays , question , lives , screams ... well : sports . And throughout his life remember that fun is synonymous with learning . The first museum designed for children in Mexico was the Papalote , in Chapultepec Park in Mexico City .
 Its creation in 1993 was a response to the global trend in the field of children's museums that emerged in the 1970s , which proposed the creation of dynamic and interactive spaces for children. Soon
appeared in other states more museums for children, with the idea that will house exhibits to awaken their interest and natural curiosity to experience and imagine and learn using games as a tool. One of the most important features of children's museums is that you can enjoy at any age. So think not accompany children to take advantage and have fun at the same time : the end of the day you will have learned many lessons. The best age to go to a children's museum is the minimum age from each museum set : from very early, younger guests will enjoy the variety of stimuli that each exhibition room and submit .

Remember to take camera , supported by an electronic device - iPad, computer, cell - to answer your questions and wear comfortable, it will take many hours of fun with them . As an adult , you will not have time to get bored , because these museums are designed for anyone to have fun and learn . Do not be shy about expressing doubts you , participate in activities or just play as a child. Thus, children who accompany you will feel confident and will do the same .

  Papalote Children's Museum This museum opened in 1993 as the first museum for children in Mexico . Its location could not be better , in the heart of the second section of Chapultepec Park , the largest natural park in Mexico City . And his host , blue tiled building , was designed by the famous architect Ricardo Legorreta . You and your family can enjoy the beautiful green areas inside and surrounding facilities . Under the slogan "I play , play and learn " the Kite has become one of the favorite areas of Mexico children . It offers the best interactive learning experiences to discover, imagine , engage and interact , using the game as the main tool. In Papalote can play and learn with over 300 interactive exhibits divided into five fun themes : Communicate , I , Belong , express and understand . Also enjoy amazing movies in the ADO - mega-screen IMAX , the largest in Latin America, and provides projections only in the Domodigital Banamex , declared in 2004 as the largest in America.

 Atlas of the Universe , the most complete three-dimensional mapping of space. Thanks to this tool , visitors can fly to the moon to Saturn or any other place minutes before enjoying its function. The Digital Dome has a screen semihemisférica of 23 meters in diameter. With eight professional projectors , its 269 reclining seats and surround sound 25 000 watts of power, the Papalote Museum has one of the world's most modern planetariums . Also, the Papalote plays an important role in the dissemination of science , history and environmental protection . This is a great museum for children ages three and four or more than 10 years, all gambling activities it offers. Constituents 268 Av Daniel Garza , Miguel Hidalgo Mexico City , Distrito Federal