Friday, October 10, 2014


En pachuca existen lugares para el turismo muy importantes algo de lo que no te puedes perder es lo siguiente, Te presentamos los lugares imprescindibles y las actividades que no puedes dejar de realizar en este increíble “corredor” del estado de Hidalgo entre minas, bosques y lagos-, a pocos kilómetros de la ciudad de

1 Take a photo next to the Monumental Clock symbol of Hidalgo capital.

2 Ride the tram tour, which departs daily just next to the Hotel Independence, and embarks on a thrilling journey through the main streets of the city to meet its most famous buildings and public squares. The walk takes about an hour and 30 minutes.

3 If you like football, you can not let go of the Hidalgo Stadium, home of the Pachuca Pachuca and witness a game this squad or the next day, meet the new Museum-Hall of Fame National and International Football, Occupying a huge ball visible from any point south of "the airy beautiful."

4 Meet the Ex Convent of San Francisco, one of the oldest religious buildings in Pachuca in which former cloister staying one of the most impressive photo libraries in the world and that holds the important file Casasola important images that record the Mexico of the time of the Revolution.

5 If you want to know how they worked within a mine (the middle of last century), then you can not miss the San Juan Mine Pachuca and Ex Hacienda de Loreto. There you will understand a lot of the methods that had at that time to "recover metals from the center of the earth."

6 Road to Mineral del Chico do not stop going to Monumento a Cristo Rey, imposing sculpture of more than 30 meters high was erected in 1992 on the initiative of a group of former miners grateful for the miracles that the Lord gave them to save their lives during their long working hours. The place offers a spectacular view of the city of Pachuca and surroundings.

Mineral del Chico. 35 minutes from Pachuca.
7 Towards the center of this town, stop to enjoy the various hostels and viewpoints offered by the amazing El Chico National Park with over 2,750 acres full of wood (pine, oak and fir) and many green areas ideal for an experience nature to the fullest!

8 Take a picture next to the plate, placed in the main square, which accredits this beautiful town, he was "born in the mountains," as one more of the 83 that make up the Magical Towns of Mexico program.

9 Know the Parish of the Immaculate Conception, the most representative of Mineral del Chico, with its beautiful stone facade restored several times by the time religious monument.

In Real del Monte. 25 minutes from Pachuca.
10 Taste delicious pastes, typical of the region, which is offered in more than 30 local established all throughout this town saucer. Different presentations (sweet, salty or traditional pure potato and leek) simply will conquer.