Perote Valley is located at 2.465 meters of altitude above sea level. The weather is usually cold and dry, with an average annual temperature of 12º C. The landscape of this region offers attractions of a different nature, for here
history has left its mark through the sites of colonial architecture. The most important of these is El Fuerte de San Carlos, located 2 km north of the city of Perote; military architecture of "inland" who was a witness and participant of historical events and transcendence in our country.


     Hacienda San Jose de Los Molinos
     Finance Tenextepec
     Chapel of St. Anthony of Padua
     Hacienda de San Antonio Limón

Natural Sites

Cofre de Perote National Park
There are multiple paths to the summit, which reaches 4.250 meters high, the most common of the north face are:
1. Access to the summit from the town of Perote
2. Direct access to the summit along a path that arises from the road leading from Perote Mine. (24 km)
3. Access to the height of Beams towards Valle Alegre or Rancho El Mirador; the road is stone and is a fun choice for mountain biking or hiking as this area has thick forests of fir.

Valle Alegre

Ecological Reserve Valle Alegre is 14 km. of the population of the beams, the way that arises from the federal road climbs to the slopes of Cofre, a very attractive forests, and high mountain landscape area. The Reserve covers an area of 326 hectares, where animal species inhabit lagoons in total freedom: the American Bison, Antelope Wildebeest, Flames, Red Deer, Borrego aoudad and White Tail Deer, among others.

Ecological Rancho El Mirador

Located 18 km, along the same path that ascends to Valle Alegre. From this place, located at 3,000 meters.


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