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Monday, May 5, 2014

Top 10 places to visit this summer in Veracruz

Natural destinations , archeological zones, ecotourism and spas are just some of the deals that the state of Veracruz has for this vacation. Its archaeological treasures , natural landscapes, ancient traditions , gastronomy and folklore the state to attract millions of visitors each year.

 The diversity of activities covering all tastes . The Universal Veracruz suggests 10 options to visit in this summer holiday . The
list is open to more suggestions. 1Visit the theme park and the archaeological site of El Tajin , located north of the state, in the region of Papantla.Desde City MexicoThe journey by car takes less than four hours.  

 Perform a clean herb and enjoy in Nanciyaga Temazcal , which is an ecological reserve where you can see all the natural diversity of Southern veracruzano.Este site is very near Catemaco and is 531 kilometers from the City of Mexico .

 Just three and a half hours the capital , visit the Museum of Anthropology in Xalapa and know the Lord of the Files in the state capital , which offers a variety of cultural venues besides the aromatic flavor of coffee region .  

 Diving on the island of wolves in Tuxpan and understand the full potential offered by this city that stands along the river of the same name. To get from Mexico City just four hours drive are required .

  Reliving history at Fort San Juan de Ulua in Veracruz , the first city on the mainland of continental America . The estimated driving time from Mexico City is four and a half hours.

Know the beauty of the waterfalls Eyipantla hop and soak in the splendor of a land that is mágica.Este beautiful place is located just 13 miles from Catemaco.  

 Hiking in the peak of Orizaba and take advantage of your stay to further explore a city that has managed to sort its historic center to highlight its beauty and historical importance give posee.La city of Orizaba is only three hours away of Mexico and to access the peak , Fortin and Cordoba can be alternate destinations .  

 Discover an underwater reefs great in Boca del Rio, located along the bay conurbation , in a city that is pole of tourism development in the company and the Southwest.    

A little over five hours from Mexico City , enjoy a magical experience in Catemaco and meet the call Monkey Island , the only place where these species are released.

 Traveling past visiting the Hermitage and the house of Hernán Cortés in La Antigua , a city founded on the banks of the river of the same name and savor the delicious cuisine veracruzana.Esta small town is located 80 kilometers from Xalapa.