Bello Western territory of Colima since 1551, is distinguished by its vast natural wealth and that according to the Nahuatl word, meaning "dedicated to Minas place."

Historically inhabited by indigenous and autumn harvest, this land looks
majestic landscapes, the same that have withstood the ravages of nature, to survive 3 strong cyclones, and the last and most recently in 1959, called ARIEL, same that devastated two thirds parts of the population.

Minatitlan has a height of 740 meters above sea level. with an area of ​​215 kim. square, is located 55 km. Colima, bordered to the south with the municipalities of Manzanillo and Coquimatlan, the east with Villa de Alvarez and Cómala and west with the State of Jalisco.

Nestled in the Sierra Madre Occidental Minatitlan it is in the hydrologic region called "coast of Jalisco" with most important aquifers of the state, its tributaries of the river that bears his name and the creek canon, before emptying into the Pacific Ocean. In our town dominated by sub-humid warm climate with an average temperature of 23 * C and 674.5 thousand millimeters of rainfall annually.

Minatitlan Tourism has landscapes worthy as the El Salto waterfall, El Terrero, also find a small lake vessel called Ojo de Mar, located 4 km south of the county seat.


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