The Burning of Bad Humor, coronations, parades and burial of Juan Carnaval are just some of the most important activities of this party.Do not miss them!

The Burning of Bad Humor

It is the moment that initiate the carnival festivities. It begins with a festive and cheerful parody, usually performed by a group of local theater, followed by the burning of cranky represented by the image of

a character or event numbers, both international and domestic. This day is reading a Solemn Bando consisting of verses or festive tenths making allusion picaresque character and albur burn, politicians and the Carnival itself.Do not miss this night where the "bad vibes" left behind to give way to a good mood!

Each year are crowned three types of kings: the Children Reyes, King of Joy and Queen of Carnival, to crown the wife of the Governor (Veracruz), the Queen of that year and the Governor (Veracruz) respectively, according to tradition. It is one of the most important events of the Carnival and what this celebration "Real", performing arts come together.

It is filled with joy and celebration events, where you can admire the participation of different troupes, batucadas, cheerleaders and the major attractions of the parade floats! Each parade runs 3 Km 600 m and 1 km from Veracruz Boca del Río.

Do not miss the parade last night of Carnival, where you can see the Kings of the Carnival wearing the costume of jarochos while doing the walking tour accompanied by major municipal and government authorities.
Burial of Juan Carnaval

With this event the festival closes. As in the Burning of Bad Humor, this evening is represented a dramatic comedy skit by a group of local theater and in which the Royal Court assists in mourning, mourning the death of Juan Carnaval, and ends with reading a droll will.


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