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Wednesday, May 7, 2014

10 Things to do in Taxco Guerrero

We give you the perfect tips for you to enjoy an incredible weekend in Taxco, a place you'll love ... No lost: Taxco is where tourism and silver make corner. There are more and it is no small thing: history and legends, clean air, winding alleys, art, landscape. And all shades and levels, tourism, ranging from golf to backpack, and
silver, from the souvenir to the classic design.

1. Visit the beautiful church of Santa Prisca. .

2.Walking up the steep streets to the Church of Guadalupe and to enjoy a wonderful view.

3 . Visit the "Cristo de la Cima" and have a beautiful view of Taxco.

4. Walking through the streets of Taxco and buying traditional Silversmiths.

5 Visit the stunning Caves Cacahuawamilpa.

 6. Go visit the tomb of Cuauhtémoc in the "Town of Marble" called Ixcateopan.

 7. Stroll as in ancient times by ex-haciendas in horse-drawn carts.

 8. Visit the various museums of Taxco, like Silverware Museum, Museum of Anthropology or the "Casa Humboldt".

 9. Go visit the lovely town of Taxco el Viejo.

 10. Know any of the traditional restaurants in Taxco and savor the typical "Pozole" style to Guerrero.