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Monday, July 21, 2014

Poza Rica, Veracruz Mexico

Poza Rica because of its location is strategic regional tourist stop for tourists who want to visit or meet the attractive regions of the Totonac, Huasteca and North Central Veracruz state, they include the archaeological site of El Tajin, rafting Filobobos, Tecolutla fishing and cooking in Tamiahua, among many others.

Township Tlapacoyan Veracruz is one of the most diverse as it is
at the foot of the Sierra Madre Oriental in the area transisión coast to the mountainous area. He is best known for the practice of rafting in Filobobos, but also has several archaeological sites as The Cuajilote and Vega de la Peña, also has places for adventure tourism such as rappelling and ziplining among others. Tlapacoyan is one of the cheapest places as tourist destinations.

Enjoy the journey on horseback and some nights camping takes on a different meaning in the case of the ex-Hacienda "Santa Lucia". One option for those times when one needs to be calm and well accompanied by the Villas Chichinit (totonaco came word meaning) is a private beach which although lacks any attractive tourist infrastructure has important naturales.Es say that there will be no a hotel, restaurant or an area of ​​craft shops, not a road in good condition or streets pavimentadas.Pero this lack of amenities replaces the sensitivity and imagination of its owners, who have made possible the creation of a haven for that special touch . It is a relaxed place and nothing pretencioso.Villas Chichinit can bring other treats for the senses. Its small rustic cabins stripped of all artifice, strategically located oceanfront transport you to an idyllic paradise where your perfect beach invites you to take a sunbath and relajación.Podrás enjoy a walk along the seashore without running into setback with trucks or street vendors.

An hour and forty minutes of Poza Rica (via San Andres), is the city of Tlapacoyan. Where according to the guidelines of declines is the most suitable for this sport. Here we have carried out targeted nationally representative to form teams for international competitions. There are several river tours, but the most recommended is the pioneer in the cascade charm. By visiting the waterfall begins another tour. The adrenaline in the body. It's awesome down the barrel naturally, as if someone had separated the walls to make way for the rise of water.