Tuesday, July 15, 2014


For Mexicans, it's never a choice visit Ixtapa or Zihuatanejo. Both are complementary parts of the route along the coast of the southern state of Guerrero. These twin villages, separated only 6.5 kilometers, although with very different personalities. Ixtapa was for many years a coconut plantation, is now home to high quality hotels, resorts "all inclusive", fancy restaurants and upscale stores for shopping freaks. On the
other hand, Zihuatanejo grew from a modest fishing village at present preferred bohemian backpackers and travelers who enjoy small, winding, full of galleries and craft shops streets provincial destination. Come to small boutique hotels that house rustic palapas restaurants serving the freshest fish in the area. The people also arrive lunamieleras couples, divers and travelers interested in learning about the culture of the place, all connoisseurs relaxed nature of the friendly inhabitants of "Zihua" as he affectionately called by his people. In Ixtapa most hotels are set meters from the beach.

Thus, the decision to enjoy the pool or ocean waves involves only walk a few steps, keeping a comfortable beach chair and a refreshing drink to enjoy the beautiful view of the Pacific Ocean. In Zihuatanejo, find a good spot on the beach usually involves choosing a restaurant and find a free table with an umbrella, while the children play and you admire the colors of the ocean.
This state of tranquility, and that view may only be interrupted by the striking image of a cruise ship leaving port, or by those who soar through the air parachute, enjoying a high view of the bay. Ixtapa is not an invitation to stay at the hotel. There are so many outdoor activities that required weeks here seem to exhaust the possibilities. Ixtapa Island is located a few miles from the hotel zone.

 It is a quiet place where you can rent snorkeling equipment to explore the warm water and then sit in a quiet provincial restaurant to taste one of the freshest fish you like. Golf, tennis, surfing, fishing, bird watching or a quiet ride. The list of activities is endless in this little paradise. But Zihuatanejo no slouch. The first difference is Ixtapa Bay, which gives a gentle surf beaches. It will not be difficult to hire a boat tour to Playa Las Gatas, whose legend says that a king Tarasco (pre-Hispanic civilization of these costs) built the reef so that their daughters could swim quietly.
Under the shade of palm trees, enjoy the best fish tacos in the region. In this beach you can snorkel and spot sea turtles and rare species of fish, as that which the blue color on their fins while swimming creates brilliant reflections. Skilful swimmers will not hesitate to join the tours that go to the Morros de Potosí, huge white rocks that have become havens of pelicans and seagulls. Under the sea, divers discovered a network of caves, arches, walls and tunnels that make it unique underwater experience. Thus, both villages meet the needs of a wide range of tastes. The same massage in a hut at the edge of the sea, the modest street restaurants Adelita or the chef's specialties at La Gula, a mansion with a lovely terrace. In Ixtapa-Zihuatanejo, better than anywhere else, you can enjoy your holiday to 2x1