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Chiapas is an entity that possesses attractions diverse nature: forest areas, pre-Hispanic sites, colonial cities of atmosphere and of course, some beautiful beaches. One of the most recommended beaches to visit in Chiapas is Boca del Cielo. What makes this so special is beach Chiapas, first, that this is a pristine beach, which is not altered by the activity of the jet, or by
agitation associated with large crowds of tourists. In fact, there are no hotels nearby. The nearest town is Boca del Cielo Tonala and taxis depart from it that take visitors to Boca del Cielo, in a shipment of about 20 minutes, moving in a defined environment forever green palms.

Once it has arrived at Boca del Cielo, cross a small creek diversions aboard a boat, and finally to the bar. The latter is a strip of land that appears between the estuary and the Pacific Ocean. On this site there are huts where tourists stay. They are very simple but clean and comfortable. Really attractive Boca del Cielo is the environment: the sea, the sand, the serene atmosphere, hammocks in the palapas, suggestive mangroves and the sound of waves. With regards to food, do not worry, because the places that rent the cabins mentioned, also manage rustic and excellent restaurants.
Sightseeing in Boca del Cielo

Boca del Cielo is, firstly, a small community where you can relax in peaceful manner, for example, cooing in a hammock while a fresh coconut with gin or after you sip a freshly caught lobster lunch and prepared according to one of recipes of the region. But Boca del Cielo is also an attractive beach site, which is defined by its grayish sand smooth. Locals gave this name to the site, giving the impression of being a doorway to heaven. Undoubtedly the most evocative place point is that where the arm of the sea of Boca del Cielo, meets the open sea.

On the beach in Boca del Cielo you have the opportunity to practice leisure activities ranging from fishing to tours by boat, from swimming to skiing, from diving to photograph landscapes and from scientific observation flora and fauna, to the exploration of local culinary traditions. Regarding the latter, abound in Boca del Cielo and nearby communities, dishes prepared with shrimp, mojarra and smooth.

Are also fun rides through the mangroves aboard motor boats, or, visiting turtle camps and with a little luck, part of the release events of small turtles.
are also fun rides through the mangroves aboard motor boats, or, visiting turtle camps and with a little luck, part of the release events of small turtles.
Relevant information about Boca del Cielo

The local flora includes species like flore lagoon, liana Tazcal, tamarind, palm broom, water sapote, white mangrove, lemongrass, red mangrove plants and others. With respect to the particular fauna of this part of Chiapas, mention albatrosses, herons, gulls, mallards, plovers and pelicans.
Things to do in Boca del Cielo

In addition to fully enjoy this beach Chiapas, we recommend visiting the Banks of Playa Azul and Paredón Bay. The first site is excellent for canoeing and boat; while the second is the best in the region for the enjoyment of water sports available.