Mexico is a country traditionally cheerful and festivals reflect and represent an undoubted mestizo syncretism, as the amalgam of cultures not only mixed their genes, food and words, but beliefs and of course, the way to celebrate events.

In the Mexican holiday calendar considered all important festivals and celebrations of each site, ranging from civic events that commemorate historical events to religious celebrations, traditional, festive and cultural nature.

In Zacatecas the festive menu is varied and significant, with a great cultural variety of magnificent events internationally. Although during event programming is done, festive galas
shown during major festivals such as the Festival Cultural Zacatecas (in the Holy week and Easter); International Folklore (held in July); Morismas Bracho the traditional (in the last week of August); great Zacatecas National Fair (the first two weeks of September) or also International Street Theatre Festival (the third week of October). These entrees are complemented with other celebrations held around the city and inside the state, which have their own tradition and extended features.

These small towns or small cities hoard other wealth, the sweet looks, the exalted color, the passion for the everyday, the smells and flavors able to sublimate the spirit, tradition enriched the lives of who come to the cobblestone streets or contemplate and enjoy these daily paintings, unconsciously perpetuated by time. More than a bailout, it is a recognition of those who inhabit these beautiful spots of Mexican geography and have managed to keep all the cultural and historical riches they contain.

The main features of these beautiful sites include being located in areas close to large cities or tourist sites, have easy access by road and markedly differentiated value: historical, religious or cultural. Their common denominator is having a very special cultural, historical or social importance.

Zacatecas has dignified and beautiful examples of the culture and history of Mexico. Five of the Magic Towns are: Bonnet, Jerezde Garcia Salinas and the Teúl Gonzalez Ortega, Nochistlaán and Pines.
Samples treasure and offer visitors the full range of values and traditions. Places with great beauty and architecture, but most people with a remarkable simplicity, which is actually the one who gives the true value of these peoples.


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