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Black Warrior is a town in the Mexican state of Baja California Sur, internationally known for its salt industry. Within the municipal delegation of Black Guerrero Lagoon Scammon declared by the Mexican government sanctuary of gray whale is located.
In the sea lives a variety of mammals; one of them is the sea lion, the same can dive and a

swim in the water, to go to an island and relax on the sand. These shelters, Scammon and Black Warrior are especially frequented by dolphins, sea lions, seals and elephant seals.

The name of Black Guerrero is derived from whaling ship 'Black Warrior'. Built in 1825 in the shipyards of Duxbury, Massachusetts, this ship did, until 1845, hunting trips in the Indian Ocean and the North Pacific until after 1851. Sold in Honolulu sailed from there to the coast of Baja California reaching the Bay Vizcaino; he entered the channel Black Guerrero Lagoon the November 28, 1858 to expect the whales. On 10 December he sailed. After saving the lagoon bar high waves beat against the bar as opening the keel.
The wreckage remained visible for several decades, pointing to the danger of the entrance to which was given the name Black Warrior, same as then translated to Guerrero Black, currently the name of the lake and the city.
Black Guerrero was born and developed around the exploitation of its salt. These are the echo of salt production unit process opencast world's largest, from solar evaporation. Thus the port of Chaparrito Scammon Lagoon were built, hence the product is shipped on barges to be driven to the port of Isla Cedros, where cargo ships over 150 thousand tons, carry your destination end.
Because of its strategic location as the largest city between San Quintin and Santa Rosalia, Black Warrior offers a variety of services.
There are few craft shops and curiosities but has supermarkets are well stocked as La Ballena. Although not luxurious rooms, distinguished restaurants Black Warrior offers
The main street that runs through the middle of town offers many restaurants and taco stands outlets for the hungry man and even offers some bakeries. The seafood here is fresh and usually good choice. Typically the fish tacos here are made from shark meat and they are delicious!
The lagoon region Black Guerrero, along with the evaporation ponds of Salina, as extensive as the Valley of Mexico, is a habitat of birds considered as a site of international importance within the "Western Hemisphere Shorebird Reserve Network" and as a bird sanctuary where visitors can observe and documented on the different species.
Visitors, moreover, can not stop going to the restaurant "Malarrimo" whose owner, Enrique Achoy, in the seventies was the chef of the dining room of the salt company and now delights everyone with its delicious specialties such as Lion paw scallop, lobster, chocolata clam, octopus, shrimp and fish cabicucho, cooked to your particular style.
Fishing and boats in the open northern Black Sea Warrior is a very fun experience, and despite the lack of facilities for sailing, water access is easy from most beaches. However, the biggest attraction of this area are its wide bays, many times infested whales, which are outside the navigable limits permits during whale season (November 15 to April 15). The government's goal is to prevent the disruption of mating and birth stages of whales in the lagoons.
Black Warrior beachesJust north of the village are dirt roads that come off the main highway to the northern beaches of Black Guerrero. There are also beautiful beaches which can only be reached by boat. These beaches are extremely desolate!
* Dunas lonelinessNorth of town, take the dirt road west before arriving at the inspection station agriculture. Wonderful sand dunes are connected with the ocean.
* Malarrimo BeachBecause of the geography shaped hook of the Baja Peninsula, the island northwest of Black Warrior it tends to collect a variety of items that have been floating around the west coast of North America. Sometimes there are objects coming from as far as Japan. This is a "treasure hunt" at its finest!
Other sites of interest to tourists constitute the salt (can be visited only with the authorization of the Export Company of Salt); Black Guerrero Lagoon, where it is located "La Isla" artificially created to the first port and over the years has accumulated huge amounts of sand, forming beautiful Medanales and beaches, the old lighthouse and the marshes. Extraordinary dunes "Don Miguelito" (the gray desert where you can hear the silence).
The cave paintings of the Sierra de San Francisco, the Jesuit missions, islands, bays, etc. The local travel agents offer the best options in well-planned tours. For the particular characteristics of the area, it is recommended to take guided tours by experts.
Black Warrior area is particularly attractive for ecotourism, its location within the larger Biosphere Reserve Vizcaino.
Hundreds of tourists come to watch the gray whale in the waters of the nearby Ojo de Liebre lagoon where, from January to March, mate and give birth; to scroll through the swamps and marshes that are home to several species of birds such as the white pelican, the red-tailed hawk, white and brown heron, curlew, golden eagle and osprey; and to explore the great Vizcaino Desert with its unique flora and fauna, which include cacti.
By visiting the lagoon is possible to observe these animals from the shore, from the observation tower that has lagoon or hire a boat bringing it to them.
The show is wonderful to behold and be surprised by the beauty of these giants is an experience difficult to express in words. Also through special headphones, you can hear the unique sounds made by whales.