Monday, October 21, 2013


Tequesquitengo is a town located south of the state of Morelos. It belongs to two municipalities: Jojutla Juarez and Ixtla Bridge. It is one of the four tourist destinations of Mexico Spring. It stands as the second most memorable Morelos tourist destination by tourists and visitors from the center of Mexico. The climate is warm subtropical. The satellite monitoring of the state government shows average 360 days of sunshine annually. It is one of the few places in the country where we practice parachuting, ultralight aircraft and balloon flights 365 days a year.

  Legend In the bed of the lake are the remains of the ancient village of San Juan Bautista Tequesquitengo and his church. The oral tradition of the community refers to a conflict between the owners of the Hacienda San Jose Vista Hermosa (north of the valley now flooded ) and the residents of the locality. It is important to mention the economic context of the time, Morelos was one of the leading exporters of
sugarcane and the European continent value the product.

The owners of the property are in need of manpower to meet the demand of the sweetener , so summon the people to enlist in the cane harvest . Tequesquitengo owes its name to the presence of tequesquite and indeed the business of the town lies in its exploitation. While working conditions are similar to cane slavery, tequesquite provides a much higher quality of life , which is why no one comes to the job announcement . Frustrated and angry landowners decide to divert irrigation canals into the valley and begins flooding. Slowly, inch by inch the valley begins to disappear in a few years , the water reaches the churchyard , people migrate to the upper reaches and rescue bell dome. Dominated by spectacular body of water that invites the practice of exciting outdoor activities , Tequesquitengo is the ideal destination to enjoy a great weekend . These are your captive ! Tequesquitengo , beautiful town located just 45 km south of the city of Cuernavaca, offers visitors entertaining outdoor activities , ideal for all the public (and for everyone ), and the best thing is that they can be enjoy being both on land and in the water or from the air. You decide how you want to enjoy this magnificent corner of the state of Morelos !

  1. If you are fond of diving , you can not perform a "walk underwater " by the remains of the village which Tequesquitengo submerged , only the bell tower of the Old Church of St. John the Baptist in the depths of her beautiful body of water.

  Two . On the same lake sport fishing practices and crappie huro .

  Three . Tequesquitengo is considered the " national capital of skiing " , therefore, here you can practice safely. Service providers will tell you how to run this activity with great skill.

  4 . A different way to have fun in the waters of Tequesquitengo is renting a jet ski.

5 . Enjoy a relaxing trip on a yacht or boat. On the site there are various providers that offer their services to travel the nearly 3 4.5 km in diameter of the lake .

 6 . If you prefer, you can also take a walk by the lagoon in a kayak , ask for this service.

7 . A parachute jump is an unforgettable experience that starts from the training , the elevation plane from where you can see incredible scenery , until the climax :take to the air !

8. A fun and peaceful to know the landscapes around Tequesquitengo is by a microlight flight , which can be done almost 365 days a year, as this region of the state of Morelos enjoys an enviable climate for almost all stations .

  9. In pairs or groups a balloon flight is another experience that you may remember for a lifetime . This activity is carried out preferably at dawn when Tequesquitengo landscapes become a beautiful postcard " worthy to take home " .

  10 . A few miles north of Lake Tequesquitengo can not miss the chance to stay in hotel Hacienda Vista Hermosa , a beautiful, historic building adapted to provide hosting service without losing the splendor of those times when operated as a sugar . 11. At night the hotels, bars and discs Teques provide numerous options for fun with friends , in addition , the lake reflects the lights that provide an amazing spectacle to admire