Thursday, October 24, 2013


Santa María Huatulco, aka Huatulco, is a municipality in Oaxaca (Mexico). It was founded about 489 years ago and has a population of 33,194 inhabitants. On January 8, 2011 marked the 472 anniversary of his qualifications as a people. The municipality of Santa Maria Huatulco is located approximately eight hours of the state capital. One of the cities with the highest population of the municipality is the Crucesita, part of tourism development Huatulco. Every year thousands of tourists visit it. It has an international airport, the
International Airport of Huatulco. Its main attraction is its 9 bays and 36 beaches. The bays are named:

  Conejos: Santa Cruz: Chahué: Maguey: Órgano: Cacaluta: Chachacual: San Agustín: 

The quiet bays of Huatulco are ideal for a wide range of water sports such as swimming , snorkeling , jet skiing, windsurfing and sailing. If you like diving or snorkeling , you will be amazed by the crystal clear waters of Huatulco. The rugged coastline of the area and many coral reefs create varied sets of marine life that is just waiting to be explored. Of the nine bays , Tangolunda and Santa Cruz are the ones with the best facilities for water sports ( including skiing and windsurfing ) .

Here we present an overview of the nine bays , from east to west . The Santa Cruz Bay has a jetty where you can take several speedboats , sailing boats and yachts that travel undertaken winding around nine splendid bays. Has a dock specially designed for cruisers and , for the time passengers spend on land , a charming square lined with stalls, a craft market and a center

  Huatulco and its delights Of the cuisines of Mexico, Oaxaca is characterized by the strong presence of pre-Hispanic elements have merged although delightfully old world ingredients , known for their taste or color in each dish . From chocolate to chili , to the exotic grasshoppers , iguana meat , the delicious fresh cheese and cream bread , until the tasty mescal Oaxacan cuisine is always a surprise for the palate. And on the coast overlooking the emerald waters of its beaches , seafood are proposed as an alternative to the visitors . The delight with Oaxacan cuisine begins with the vibrant colors of the fruits , with the variety of peppers that are used to create seven varieties of mole.

The second sense given before falling Oaxacan delight is certainly smell : the aroma of chocolate and fruits typical of the region , such as sapodilla and mamey , the aroma of beef that is prepared for jerky (cut of lean beef that is salted and roasted ) . The crunchy texture of the tlayudas ( a kind of giant tortilla served with beans, beef, cabbage, cheese, avocado and tomato ) , and the freshness of the bread with cream surprise the taco. But it was the palate that gives the nod to the exotic culinary delights of Oaxaca. If already in the markets of the city of Oaxaca you tasted the delights of the state, on the coast, this land will surprise you with fresh flavors of the sea.

The shrimp and lobster and tuna, skipjack and tuna are over fished species in the area. Both in Huatulco and Puerto Escondido , a specialty is fish wallpaper , however , the good flavor of the coastal lets you taste different dishes with seafood and fish , the only constants are the freshness of the products and the dreamy view Oaxacan beaches . Oh , and of course, excellent health say mezcal.