Saturday, October 19, 2013


Tijuana is the largest city in the state of Baja California, Mexico. It is 170 km west of state capital, Mexicali, and 110 km north of Ensenada. Is head of the municipality of the same name and is known, among other epithets, as "the corner of Mexico" and "Mexico's door." Their motto is "Here begins the country" .2 It is the westernmost city in Latin America, and the westernmost town Isla Guadalupe, and is also the largest oceanic insular possession of Mexico, located in the homonymous island in the same municipality. The city is also one of the largest in the country because of its proximity to the United States as well as internationally recognized as the world's most populated border. Tijuana is ranked as the sixth country's metropolitan area, which forms, together with the city of Rosarito, Tecate, and San Diego, California, metropolitan area "transnational" Mexico's largest, with over 5
million inhabitants

  MALLS Plaza Río Tijuana : This is the most popular place among tourists visiting the city, as it is only a few steps from the San Ysidro border crossing . The square offers places to all purchases . In the square are as Comercial Mexicana supermarket , department stores also renowned as Dorians , Sears . The square has 2 theaters , one has 15 rooms , and the other is VIP with 5 meeting . Insurgentes Macro Plaza : This is the second most popular place in town. They are clothing stores, shoes, electronics , and a Wal - Mart Supercenter . There is also a Cinemex , an Applebee's and small handicraft kiosks . The square is situated beside the Parque Morelos , at the intersection of Blvd Manuel J. Cloutier and Boulevard De Los Insurgentes . Funny World Square :

This square has restaurants, cafes , bowling , video games, mini golf, go- karts, and even a 12-screen cinema . It is located between the Fast Track West. Plaza Agua Caliente : This is a shopping center with restaurants and clothing stores , shoe shops, and a gym. It is located on Boulevard Agua Caliente .

  Tequila Expo has been placed not only as one of the festivals most successful of its kind in the city, but as the main celebration of this national drink . The aim is to promote the precious distilled agave in these lands , where more than 100 producers and exhibitors. Upon entering the event receive a bracelet that you can taste the different tequilas , which are estimated at 300 marks (including other Mexican spirits ) of about 45 houses in the country tequila . The activities that you can enjoy are courses for tasting tequila, tequila types among others , are also scheduled various performances, such as mariachi , northern groups , regional dance groups and like every year the Queen competition Tequila Expo , other activities is expected to have a rich Mexican food hall attendees may not be withdrawn until you have tested the different dishes with Mexican twist .

 Tijuana International Airport Tijuana International Airport, officially known as "General Abelardo L. Rodríguez," is located just 6 kms. city​​, 10 minutes by car, and is the fourth largest airport in the country. address: Airport Road S / N Col. Nueva Tijuana 22435 Tijuana Baja California Mexico