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Tuesday, February 11, 2014

The beache Caleta and Caletilla

he Caleta and Caletilla , are among the most famous and visited beaches of Acapulco , as it is characterized by its low swell, ideal for visiting children and elderly . It is located in the first section that forms the Costera Miguel Aleman, in the tourist area known as Traditional Acapulco Beaches within the subdivision . La Caleta is about 200 meters long and is larger than the Caletilla beach
measuring 165 meters . At one end of the rocks where it built the renowned Caleta Hotel , very famous in the era of the 50 's and 60's are located. Separates from Caletilla beach , access to a small island located approximately 40 meters from these beaches.

Currently this is a resort island called Magic Marine World , which houses an aquarium showing various species of fish and reptiles, as well as shows , where they participate seals among other classes of animals. In front , one kilometer from the beach of Caleta and Caletilla , the Island Rocket, which protects the beach from strong waves of the Pacific Ocean is located. Caleta Beach has few restaurants, including La Cabaña , known for his years in the harbor, where you can enjoy seafood dishes with typical local flavor.

 The beach Caletilla , unlike the Caleta beach , has a large range of high and seafood restaurants with typical local flavor, after a recent refurbishment , provides an excellent overview of tourism, both domestic and foreign . La Caleta Beach and Caletilla are the only Port of Acapulco that has a song called Caleta Beach Coquette . They were the first internationally known beaches in Acapulco.