Wednesday, March 19, 2014


Mexico's geography is embellished with lots of lakes and ponds that are located across the country. Surrounded by enchanting landscapes , these bodies of water are ideal sites for activities such as hiking or camping, water sports besides enhancing alternatives for fun in the
midst of nature.

  Laguna San Ignacio Photo by Joe McKenna / Creative Commons This lake is considered a sanctuary for gray whales and is located in the state of Baja California Sur. Because of its ecological importance is part of the Biosphere Reserve El Vizcaino and is recognized as a World Heritage Site. It is the habitat of endangered species like sea turtles . The San Ignacio Lagoon is one of the best places for whale watching . The state of Michoacán is full of splendid lakes among which Lake Patzcuaro . The nearby fishing villages make their livelihood from the sale of handicrafts , tourism and fishing for white fish, minnows and freshwater catfish . At the center of this lake Janitzio Island , famous for its ancient traditions located among which is the Day of the Dead .

  Lagunas de Montebello © E. Juárez Chiapas is full of natural treasures and gaps in Montebello fall into that category . It is located almost on the border with Guatemala near the town of Comitan Chiapas . The beauty of this lake system is accentuated by the blue hue of its waters. In the surrounding areas there are gentle trails that make their way between stunning forests ideal for hiking pines.

  lake Zirahuén Photo by Mazc83 / Creative Commons The Zirahuén is one of the lakes in the Purepecha region in the state of Michoacán. La calm waters jade Color what become ideal for boating and enjoy surrounding landscapes site . It is surrounded by dense forests where you can stay in comfortable cabins with fireplace Swiss style . This is the place to spend a weekend with family or friends.

  Laguna Tequesquitengo Photo by Tequesquitengo / Public domain Tequesquitengo Lagoon is located in the state of Morelos near the archaeological site of Xochicalco. It is the deepest lake in the country and possibly the most exciting in the amount of water sports that are practiced here . Increasing your level caused an old church remain fully immersed in its waters. It is the most popular site in Mexico for water skiing . The good weather of the place also allows air balloon and glider and parachute jumps . So if you want to take your adrenaline pumping Tequesquitengo see .

  Laguna Bacalar Photo Gissel Allier Better known as " the lake of seven colors " for its different shades of blue, this natural wonder is located south of the state of Quintana Roo. The range of hues seen in its waters is produced by seven cenotes stream flowing into the lagoon.

  Laguna Catemaco Photo by Dongringo / Public domain There is no better adjective than " mystical " to define Lake Catemaco. It is located in the lush Sierra de los Tuxtlas in Veracruz state . At its margin can visit the town of Catemaco considered by many the Mecca of Mexican witches and healers. This lake is navigable tourist boats and has three islands , one of which is inhabited by a colony of macaque monkeys brought from Asia.

  Lake Chapala Photo by Cyberjack / Creative Commons One is proud Jalisco Lake Chapala. It is the largest lake in Mexico and is located about an hour from Guadalajara. In the margin are the towns of Ajijic, Chapala and Jocotepec . All three are very picturesque sites where red-roofed houses and colorful facades abound. The charm of Chapala has made many foreigners, mostly Canadians and Americans to settle here . Tourism activities consist of boating, hiking and biking recirridos by the boardwalk , and the rich Jalisco cuisine and incomparable sunsets.