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Friday, March 7, 2014

The Sinaloa Park Riverbanks

Capital city of the municipality of the same name, is located in the central region of the state of Sinaloa ... Humaya Rivers , Tamazula and Culiacán are its main freshwater tributaries which cross the city maintaining a beautiful ecological environment along its banks , why Culiacan is now known as the Garden City of Mexico . The town has a wide variety of natural attractions such as wetlands Pavilion Ensenada Bay Quevedo, Lucenillas Peninsula and Punta San Miguel beautiful beaches such as Las Playas de Ponce, The Arenitas , Cospita , El Conchal and The Sprig . In rural areas and there is a large stately
destinations varied , beautiful traditions and great manifestations of religious fervor in addition to archaeological sites and dams where you can go boating, water skiing and bass fishing . For this and more, Culiacan is " Eden Tourism " .

 The Park of the Riverbanks is the ecological , recreational and natural axis of the city of Culiacan, is a beautiful located on the banks of river Humaya park which has become the main recreational area and recreation for the citizens of this beautiful city and thanks to this, Culiacan is distinguished nationally and internationally. In his adventure section are : A fixed climbing wall in Zigzag , network and climber climbing maze, zip line, euroboungie , little pedal boats , kayak and bicycle 12,000 mts in length and is intended to facilitate the conditions for the use of bicycles and this is increasingly used by citizens, it is estimated that around 3,000 people use this vehicle and is necessary for physical fitness awareness in the population increased use of this mode of alternative transportation and clean also very relaxing.

This park is run by the Department of Tourism of the Municipality, its attractions are available from Tuesday to Friday from 3:00 pm to 7:30 pm and Saturday and Sunday from 12:00 noon until 7:30 pm There are many more activities that can be performed in this Mega Park and walk along the river , observing the flora and fauna or simply paint the beautiful landscapes that are contemplated from anywhere in the place , tall leafy trees are seen everywhere and as there is the presence of different species of birds and colorful . There area also a large population of reptiles as the green iguana , coffee and orange as it is common to see colorful butterflies flutter that are most common during the rainy season .

 This park has managed to draw the attention of some companies operating in Mexico sightseeing because its features make it viable and worthy of being visited by walkers who go about their business in order to organize them tourist routes to different regions of the state of Sinaloa, according to some entrepreneurs Culiacan longer within 7 fastest growing cities in the country for the realization of these development projects coming to give a projection of eco tourism image and better quality of life for its inhabitants , so this project is environmentally feasible and has complied with the statutes of the State Delegation of SEMARNAT who evaluated the environmental impact statements for the care of the ecological environment of the area.