Friday, June 13, 2014


The World Cup Brazil 2014 will attract many visitors who take advantage of the event to enjoy the world's largest football and one of the most attractive countries in terms of tourism. Many travel agencies are already preparing packages for the World Cup in Brazil that include tickets for different matches of the competition, tour
attractions and other benefits such as merchandising.

 The most economical packages cost about 6500 dollars and there are up to 9000 dollars which include accommodation in hotels with more amenities and services.

 The World Cup standard package includes airfare, lodging for 14 nights and tickets for 3 games of the first round of the World as well as the transfer to the different stages. For Latinos, football fans, the proximity of the host country is an advantage because unlike other world, the plane tickets are much cheaper and there are neighboring countries that may choose packages with other transportation. For example a trip to South Africa, World Cup 2010 venue carries between 15 and 24 hours, while the countries of the region do not take more than 8 hours. Brazil is considered as the great football paradise so the variety of packages is ensured World Cup Demand is extreme, especially in Brazil, where the passion with which they live football could generate all the stadiums are filled only with Brazilians. This factor has led to a significant increase for those traveling from outside. To take an extreme example, see all the World, would cost approximately USD 50 000. + Fixture with all schedules + Alternatively, to Brazil Cruise + The 32 qualifiers for Brazil 2014 + Groups Brazil 2014 + Ticketing was reopened Value Pack: Consists watching a game and return home. "One Day Ticket to the Match" is the name and has items from Argentina, Ecuador, Chile, Colombia and Costa Rica. You can see them here. Hospitality Packages: Official Programme of the FIFA, with different variants to enjoy the World Cup. Details.

  General costs - 3 matches in group stage: USD 2 500 (depends on the type of input prices see here) - Overnight at hotel: Between 58 and 480 USD (How much does a n0che in Rio de Janeiro?) - Food, transport and tourism journal: USD 150.

  Argentina Cost of airfare: approx 10,000 pesos. Between air, accommodation and tickets for the first phase you have to think at least USD 6500, and packets may reach USD 18,000 per person. The tourism agency TIJE offers three promotions to get to see the matches of Argentina at the headquarters of Salvador. In three-star hospitality, double occupancy, 4 nights with airfare, transfers, coordination and assistance to travelers and VIP seating for a party, everything costs USD 7,067. For two games and 10 nights, USD 11,899; and for three games and 14 nights, USD 15,932. Hospitality tickets, premium packages offered here only three authorized travel agencies, ranging from USD 2,100 to $ 7,500 for the first three matches of Argentina, with buffet and bar service in an exclusive area within or outside the court. And if to this is added the five star accommodation in a hotel, during those two weeks of the first phase, more flights, including domestic, the package can shoot up to $ 18,000 per person. Who got tickets for three games of the first round in the FIFA website, and decide, for example, flying nonstop roundtrip to Belo Horizonte where Argentina-selection will settle and stay in a three star hotel with breakfast included, will have to think about about $ 6,500. The MundoRep agency, who also chose to stay as Salvador offers a package of 14 nights for a five star all inclusive system, all transfers and flights included three innings and Hospitality to see round the Argentina national team $ 17,000 . Meanwhile, Turicentro, other agencies that offer these packages, chose to base in Sao Paulo or Rio de Janeiro. distribution to other sites. The 14 nights in San Pablo, a four-star breakfast, flights and Hospitality three innings to see the selection in the first round demanding $ 15,000, while in Rio the sum amounts to USD 18,000.

  Colombia Cost of airfare: USD 1600-2900 The plans offer varies between 11,000 and $ 33,000, through tour packages price between 17,000 and 27,000 dollars per person. For now, the cheapest package on the market is offering Ossa and Associates agency, specializing in football, which promotes for $ 13,990 the first phase (13 days) and includes accommodation, breakfast and tickets to 3 parties. Although no fares or internal transfers within Brazil. For the second phase is 17 days and costs $ 19,740, under the same conditions. Another plan available Stars Tour is offered with 3 direct flights to Recife and Colombia where team play, with tickets for all 3 games of the group stage, 1 ticket to see a game in Recife, 15 nights accommodation at the place designated, transfers , tours and visits. The price is U.S. 11 148 Minimum must have $ 30 million just to go, stay and watch the games.

  Costa Rica Fare tickets: ¢ 700,000 - ¢ 880,000 The basic package currently retails for $ 5,600 (¢ 2.8 million). This only includes airfare and entrance to see all three games of the first phase of the cup. Has not provided the cost of lodging. The next package is between $ 10,499 and $ 13,199 and has air tickets, accommodations for eight nights and only two match tickets for Costa Rica in the first phase. The three package ranges from $ 14,499 and up to $ 18,999. It consists of flights, 16 nights in Sao Paulo and three tickets for matches in the first round Tricolor. another $ 16,199 or $ 22,799, in its most expensive version, includes air tickets, tickets to all three games of the Sele in first phase and 16 nights lodging, eight in Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro eight. The most expensive package is worth $ 149,499 (¢ 74.7 million) and entitles the purchaser to be 33 days which will last the contest and the final match of the championship, hotels, transportation within Brazil by land or tickets, more tourist trips.

  Ecuador Cost of airfare: USD 1000-2000 Global Travel Networks and PGV are companies in the country that have the backing of FIFA to sell tourism products World. Your World Travel Deskubra, Moon Travel, Metropolitan Touring, Travel Center, Hermes Trading, 5 continents, Emela Tour, YouTravel, Speed ​​Travel and Sky Travel; are the operators with whom Global Networks works. Value Pack: the day of the party was traveling from Ecuador to Brazil, they go to the stadium to see the collation and immediately returns to the country. The cost of this package varies according to the parties that want to see the balloons. between USD 1949 and USD 2049. For two or three games should pay more. Of course, you can not stay in Brazil. Just traveling on the respective party and returns immediately to Ecuador after collation. In this mode the two games cost ranges from $ 3859 and USD 4049 for three costs between USD 5590 and USD 5890 Package and hotel accommodation.. Includes travel, hotel accommodation, entry to the party and tours host cities. For three games Tri in the group stage this package costs between USD 9800 and USD 16 480. Prices vary according to the type you choose balloons. It also depends on if the fan goes alone or with someone. If you go two the low amount.

  Honduras Cost of airfare: 36,000 Lempiras - 43,000 Nearly half a million Lempiras costs each of the packages. Prior to 2014, will be priced at $ 15.400, equivalent to 316.086 Lempiras. While in the year of the World, from January to March; the price will be $ 16,800 namely 344.821 Lempiras. The trip will last 21 days. It will start on June 9, 2014 and the return will be the 29th of the same month. Kapitan Tour and Sport is one of the agencies already have for sale the World Cup package. Package includes passages from Tegucigalpa and San Pedro Sula, 20 nights, parties of the first phase of Honduras + 2 other cities, internal transfer, City Tours, a city dinner, among other privileges.

  Mexico Cost of airfare: 30 thousand pesos For a person with 2 games (one from Mexico and one extra) in two different venues, accommodation and breakfast 7 days, the cost ranges between 117 thousand and 140 thousand dollars. The same package, but with 3 seats and 4 games, with accommodation for 14 days is 235 thousand. Already goes 28 days and with tickets to 3 Tri, one of Bedding a Semi Final and are about 430 thousand. An even more luxurious package can be achieved by 580,000, which adds to stadiums and food transfers.

  Uruguay Cost of airfare: $ 18,700 - $ 33,200 For $ 5500 an agency offers 3 nights and an entry. That same itinerary at another time of year costs seven times less; USD 800. Associates In Jorge Martinez and are now on sale various packages. Options ranging from 5,500 up to $ 10,000 are available. The first price includes 3 nights hotel and ticket to see a game; while the higher price, you can enjoy up to 15 nights of hotel.