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Huamantla is located 42 kilometers from Tlaxcala. Upon the arrival of the Spanish Cortes was established a few days in this area inhabited by Otomi, waiting news messenger he had sent to the Dominions of the Republic of Tlaxcala.
San Luis Huamantla was founded on October 18, 1534, the land of brave warriors like Tlahuicole field where great battles were fought like Tecoac in 1876 when General Porfirio Diaz defeated the American army. Huamantla the Eroica, the Brava, but
also noble and devout, with art and vocation unit that transforms the streets into rivers of colors every August 14 to decorate the procession of the Virgin of Charity.
A people of traditions that are sweetened with panela of muégano, sweet typical of the region, now transformed to be more magical and opens his small-town soul to enter through the front door and visit us to yours experience our mountain climb, take pulque, sleep on a farm, to dream with the puppets and develop a mat, all this and more awaits you in Huamantla.

What are Magic Saturday? 
Every Saturday from noon, a mat is made in the Margarita Maza de Juárez alley at the side of the City Hall, we invite you to visit us and participate with your family in the ephemeral art that symbolizes the identity of Huamantla.
Afternoon activity mat with rockets and dance matachin, a window into the magic that exists in "The Night that Nobody Sleeps", all accompanied weekends.

What to see? 
National Puppet Museum (Munati)

Located in Memorial Huamantla Rosete Aranda Family, founders of the most successful company in Mexico in the nineteenth century puppets came to have 5,000 pieces made by them, wrote and rode their own works. Functions were given to the presidents Benito Juarez and Antonio Lopez de Santa Ana
The museum also find puppets from other companies and you países.ver more

Museo Taurino.

A memory space of the Fiesta Brava, you'll find a gallery of fighters from different eras, model Touring Mexico, posters, news papers that published afternoons wins, costumes torero, bull heads and a mural dedicated to bullfighting.

City Museum. 

Occupies what in colonial times was a Franciscan convent barn, with thick walls and beautiful arches, keep the memories of the people of Huamantla, from pre-Hispanic pieces to portraits and trophies of characters like Alcon Huamantla.
Parish of San Luis Obispo.

A church that attracts your eyes with the vividness of their colors inviting to visit, you will discover inside a beautiful seventeenth-century altarpiece, carved wood and gold laminate has the rare characteristic of being asymmetrical and has put in a dilemma curators who have been working on its restoration.

Franciscan convent.

Highlight its carved stone tower, its wooden floor and the image of the Black Christ venerated by locals and pilgrims who come to ask a favor, goes through the streets of Huamantla December 31. Date on which mats are also made of sawdust.

Church of the Virgin of Charity.

A must visit the most important temple Huamantla Mariano, he spends most celebration with carpet weaving throughout the month of August and sawdust mats for procession on August 14 night.
Soon be able to visit the museum, where their dresses and embroidered cloaks with gold thread is.

Farms that offer the tourist. 
Hacienda Soltepec.
Casa Malinche - Hacienda Santa Barbara
Hacienda Tenexac

Artisans who make sawdust Mouse "Art Efimero"
Huamantleca company incorporated in January 2008

Legal form: Limited liability micro-industrial
Predominant activity: Exhibition and making ephemeral art