Monday, July 7, 2014


In Oaxaca territory a tremendous variety of these deposits are characterized by the outbreak of water at ground either hot springs, hot or cold sulphurous waters and calcareous waters and fresh water which in turn can be exploited optimally either for farming or for the operation of recreational activities; some are widely known, others less important remain unknown due to their remoteness or
because the location does not allow easy access.

In this context we mention that in the state include natural spas that are close to the people that surround them.

Among the most famous find those who are in the region of the Isthmus of Tehuantepec precisely Laollaga Santiago and Magdalena Tlacotepec that being two springs of fresh water, the facility has been fully adapted for tourism, another major is the "Balneario Atonaltzin "which features a spring of sulfur water and based in Tamazulapan Villa del Progreso, others like Arroyo Blanco and Vega del Sol are part of the diversion of water from a nearby river that is clear, but for the location and landscape in a tropics are frequented throughout the year by visitors from different parts of the Republic.

Ojo de Agua de Tlacotepec

It is a spa around a freshwater spring. The natural beauty surrounding the birth of water and its proximity to the ancient Zapotec fortress Guiengola, gave rise to an ancient and popular legend tells: "After several years of constant war between the Aztecs and Zapotecs; Ahuitzotl Aztec emperor , proposed an alliance to Cocijoeza Zapotec king of Tehuantepec, which was that the latter, become betrothed to the Aztec princess Coyolicatzin. Undecided at this proposition, one of these days, possibly meditation Cocijoeza went to bathe in the spring and it was in that place where the princess appeared Coyolicatzin, yet his fear, was impacted by its beauty time later were married,. sealing well, the alliance between these two peoples. "

Currently, the site is conditioned as a spa. The water is clear, and comes from a hollow at the foot of lush trees. Along its banks have pools and wading pools, a rustic conditioning. The spa facilities are complemented to: Closets, bathrooms, playgrounds, parking areas and walkways consuming food.

• Magdalena Tlacotepec: Located southeast of Oaxaca City, 305 kilometers (190 miles) on highway 190 to the Isthmus, then turn left in Juchitan de Zaragoza, 28 kilometers (17 miles) through city ​​Ixtepec. Approximate Running Time: 5:45]
The Eye of water Tlacotepec is located northeast of the population to 4.5 kilometers (3 miles) approximately by a paved road, with an approximate travel time of 10 minutes.


This is an attractive natural setting, conditioning around a spring of clear water. The spring has resulted in a large pool, which is used as a pool. The ride of your running towards the National River Valley, is also used as a swimming pool, and together provide space for recreation. Complement the landscape green areas, wooded areas and a small spring, called "Hidden Paradise", besides their National River Valley. Services are dressing rooms, showers, restaurant, parking and security.

• San Juan Bautista Valle Nacional: Located northeast of Oaxaca City, 167 kilometers (104 miles) on highway 190 to the Isthmus to the monument to Juarez; Turn left on Federal Highway 175 to Tuxtepec to reach the population. Approximate travel time: [3:00]
To get to the resort 16 kilometers (10 miles) are crossed by the highway 175 after National Valley to the junction to San Cristobal, then fork right and proceed approximately 5 kilometers (3 miles) to reach Vega del Sol