Wednesday, September 17, 2014


Campeche is characterized by its unique way to preserve and celebrate their religious festivals and popular. Each municipality is celebrated similar to the patron saint of each village or region basis. The most important festivals are:

It is celebrated on February 2 with dancing, fireworks, rides, processions and religious dawns. You
can visit special celebrations Champotón, Candelaria, Campeche and Hool.
La Candelaria is one of the most popular and traditional festivals of Campeche. This festival starts with the traditional Rosca de Reyes, this delicious thread keeps multiple boyish figures, which makes the finder, the "King of the party" and godfather of the "Raised the Child", also called, day Candelaria on February 2.
In other words, the lucky are spiritually bound to present the Child Jesus of the Nativity of the House, the church that is closer, and arrange a tamalada.
Though the Feast of Candlemas Day is celebrated in this way in Campeche, do not forget that February 2 marks in various parts of the ancient world the beginning of the year, the conclusion of the period of snow and the awakening of mother Nature.
Moreover, the Church, he instituted as Day of the Purification of Mary, which falls exactly forty days after Christmas.

It is celebrated between the months of February and March but has no definite date. Carnival of Campeche has over 450 years away, so it has become the oldest Mexico.
Start with "The funeral and burial ride cranky." A bad mood is represented with a rag doll pirate traits, which is paraded through the streets of the city in a coffin and burned to give way to joy.
Coronations of kings and queens of the various neighborhoods, neighborhoods, clubs, schools and private companies, dance troupes and musical groups shows are performed. We also conducted several parades as: Cock queens and ambassadors, the walk of flowers, child corso, ship round and traditional side.
The carnival ends the day before Ash Wednesday with "The burning of Juan Carnaval", a rag doll representing the carnival, which also burned as he "mourn their widows.


Campeche is distinguished by its colorful festivals and the diversity of festivals are held at different times of year. The Jazz Festival, the Theatre, Dance and Cervantes are a tradition and offer visitors a wide range of culture and entertainment.

Festival of the Historic Center of Campeche
This festival has become the epitome of the arts in the state and is expected every year for the quality of the artists featured from around the world.
Its programming includes the best performers in dance, music, visual arts and theater.
The atrium of the Cathedral has become a spectacular forum that attracts thousands of people every year in the concerts that are offered there.
Parallel celebrated Jazz Festival with an attractive program and the participation of renowned exponents of the genre.
Other cultural festivals held in the state are the Theatre and the Cervantes as Campeche for several years has been an important site and extent of the largest cultural celebration in the country.


Feria de San Román
It takes place in the old quarter of San Román, where he arrived (on 14 September 1565) the image of an Italian manufacturing Christ carved in ebony. The celebrations take place from 15 to 30 September amid a festive atmosphere. Christ is taken down from the altar to bring it closer to the parishioners who kiss their feet to get the blessing of the slender figure. Pilgrimages to the neighborhood streets flooded with joy while the population in the surrounding area, filled with fun rides in this strong tradition of the city of San Francisco de Campeche. This is complemented by cultural and artistic activities, as well as craft and trade shows.
The Virgen del Carmen
The origin of this conclusion lies in the recovery of the island of terms that had been seized by British pirates who mined here logwood and precious woods, something which happened 16 July 1718 by the blessing of Abanderados image the Virgin of Carmen achieve a successful battle and thereafter gives its name to the island and is celebrated with great devotion. It takes place from 15 to 30 July in Ciudad del Carmen, on the island, and brings together hundreds of parishioners in religious events, tours of sacred image for the lagoon, plus festivals and rides, as well as events ranchers, and cultural activities
Feria de San Francisco
This fair is held in honor of who was the patron of the Villa de San Francisco de Campeche after its founding, celebrating the hearty every 4 October, the day of Saint Francis of Assisi. The fair takes place from 1 to 15 of the same month, religious, cultural and artistic events in addition to the traditional fair rides.